Can you create a project from the Sidebar?

I've looked but I don't see where you can add a new project with the Sidebar--am I missing something or is it planned (especially if the Gadget is going away).



  • Hello,

    You add this, when in Chrome, through the Chrome Web Store..

    After installing the Sidebar, log into GMail, and there will be some extra components added to your right side of GMail. Clicking the Insightly icon opens the tool and you then sign in to Insightly.

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  • Hi there,

    Yes! You can create a project from within The Insightly Sidebar. One important thing to note though, is that your Project needs to be related to Contact when creating that Project in the Sidebar.

    • Start by hovering over the name of the Contact you'd like to create a Project for. This will either load up their existing Contact Record in the Sidebar, or will prompt you to create a new Contact first
    • Once the contact is loaded, you will notice that the hammer icon (for Projects) is no longer grayed out (see screenshot):
    • When you click on the Projects Icon, you'll be able to see any existing Projects related to the respective Contact, and you'll have the ability to create a new Project related to that person (see screenshot):

    I hope that helps!

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  • Thanks, Nate!

    Everyone, Nate is from our Customer Success team. You'll be seeing his face more frequently as he shares his experience and expertise with our community. Nate will also be posting answers (along with how-to video) to common questions under our Tips and Best Practices topic. Take a look here.

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