Activity set within a repeating task


I have a task that repeats every two weeks. I can set this up but the task does have about 5 mini tasks all related to this one task.

It suggests to me that I need a repeat task that contains an activity set, or pipeline.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you, Andy



  • Hello Andy,

    We are unable to link Tasks to other Tasks. What you can do is create an Activity set, and label the main Task TASK PARENT NAME and all the mini Tasks TASK PARENT NAME: TASK CHILD NAME.

    If you do not need to link the Task to anything in Insightly, then it may be best to schedule recurring Tasks straight from within your Google or Outlook calendar. 

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  • I understand the Parent Activity and then the child on tasks, but can you make these repeat activities, such as weekly payroll or pay payroll liabilities?

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  • @Debra - While you can't make the tasks specifically within the activity set repeat, you can make the activity set itself repeat. 

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  • @Debra - I should have been more clear on that one, sorry about that. What I meant was that you can use the activity set over and over. They're made so you only have to establish them once and then you can re-use them, that's how they can repeat. 

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