Home page does not display correctly

The front page and the log-in page look fine, but the home page after log-in looks like it came straight from 1998. The result is the same for IE and Google Chrome. Any ideas what is causing this? Could it be a .css file that is not being recognised or blocked?



  • I have the same problem on a mac - safari, chrome & firefox - any ideas?


  • Same thing is happening here. According to the dev console, the browser isn't getting the appropriate files from cloudfront.net.

  • Sorry you are having problems with that.  It appears that the style sheet (the layout component of your browser) is missing or didn't load correctly.  Try a full refresh of your browser.

    For Windows: CTRL + F5
    For Mac: Apple Key + F5

  • Mine rectified itself last night - all is ok now thank you.

  • Unfortunately, this is a regular problem I encounter almost daily. Sometimes I can hit the back button and the page loads properly. Refreshing the page doesn't usually solve the issue. Usually I need to close the page and reopen a new Insightly window from scratch. I use Chrome so I can utilize the sidebar with Gmail. My browser is updated. 

  • Hi Michle,

    Can you try clearing your cache and cookies to see if that may help?

  • I'll try it next time it happens. I'd prefer not to have to do that every day this happens, though. Cookies helps me quickly navigate my sites. 

  • That makes sense. Please let me know the outcome. :)

  • I am having the same problem. Deleting cookies and cache does not help.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Could you try accessing that page from a different browser?  That would help us narrow down where the issue is occurring.

    Thanks! :)

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