Adding a date range to a contact

One of the activities we have at our organisation is to run training and conferences. We would like to be able to enter the dates the people are at our facility to our contacts. I can see that a singular date can be added as a custom field but not a date range. 

We would love to know if this is possible. Thank you.




  • You can choose to create a Custom Field with Text Field instead of a Date Field in order to enter a range.

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  • Thank you. It would perhaps be hard to filter this way though because if we wanted to know who was at our facility for example in March 2014 I don't know that we could find this if someone came here in February 2014 and left in April 2014 and this was what they had in this custom field.

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  • Create two custom date fields, and export your data to Excel to Filter By Date :)

    1.Contacts (Left Tab)

    2.Click check box (Top Left)

    3.Click "Select all XXX records in this list"



    6.Go to Insightly export email and select the download link in the message

    7.Open file in Excel

    8.Use Excel's filter functions for the custom date field columns (on the very right)


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  • Great suggestion Micah, thanks!

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