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I use Ninja Forms on my website which has a add-on for Insightly. When a form is completed on my website and I have enabled Insightly in my Ninja Forms then where does that completed form go to? Does it go to Leads? Contacts? 

Also, when adding custom fields to one of these so that the fields from my forms have a place to go to do I need to do them exactly the same way? For example, if my website form has a 'dropdown' field, do I also need to make the custom field in Insightly a 'dropdown' field or will it just add it as 'text'?




  • Hi Kyle:

    Glad to see you're making use of the many integrations that connect into Insightly! Here is an article from NinjaForms that covers mapping into Insightly.




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  • I have the same problem. I have created a pre-consult questionnaire with several fields. Now, I would like them to go into the note body, but there is no note body at all when I map several form fields to the notes body.

    I have tried it with opportunity first, but that did not create anything but a new contact. Plus, I wonder under what circumstances a lead would be created. 

    Actually, I am still not sure if I like this better than Highrise. I am missing the clear differentiation between emails and notes, or put another way, mapping from Ninjaforms I have no possibility to map to an email coming from the client.

    It seems to be more convenient to work with Gmail alone and use Insightly purely for the contact details. But that I could also do in Gmail.

    Not convinced of the use of Insightly yet. I had a different idea of Insightly and Ninjaforms integration. Being used to Highrise, the only thing I like is the fetching of social profiles. 


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  • Hiya,

    I have been working with the Ninja Form Insighlty extension for a while now, and it works pretty damn well!

    Stuart the developer also very helpful / receptive and open to further developing the extension (he has a list of my requests :) )... but it works well.

    1) Kyle- What is created in Insighlty depends on what fields you map to from your Ninja Form.... (provided your date formats are valid in d/M/Y that is dd/Mon/YY, and other values are valid/able to be accepted according to your setup in Insighlty)

    If you map only to Lead fields then only a contacy will be created.

    If you map only to Contact fields then only a contacy will be created.

    If you map only to Opportunity fields then only a contacy will be created.

    If you map only to Project fields then only a contacy will be created.

    If you map only to Contact Note fields then only a contacy will be created.

    If on the the same Form you map to several of these then multiple Insighlty records can be created (and with links) at the same time.

    If you populate Cointact Name/Email + Contact Note Title+Body + Opportunity Title + Opp Details + Opp State (Eg. Open) + Role (Link between the Opp and the Contact)

    the you get....

    A Contact with a Contact Note
    An Opportunity
    A link between the Opp and the Contact as defined by the Role.

    2) Regarding NF vs Insighlty field types...

    Note that - The current NF Insighlty extension is unable to map to

    Multi-Line Text field

    .... but this is planned for development according to the author.

    So at this stage its pretty much Drop Down list and TEXT fields.

    Mapping from one Ninja Form Field type (eg Drop Down) to a different Insighlty field type (Text) is fine... so long as the value can be accepted as valid in Insightly.

    Mapping from one Ninja Form Field type (eg Text) to a different Insighlty field type (Drop down) is also fine... so long as the value is a valid Insighlty drop down value. 

    I have for example a Ninja form field that is Multi Line Drop Down line.... that is mapped to an Insighlty text field.

    3) Nicole- Re Note and Note body..... and text fields concatenation with Ninja Forms....

    You cannot concatenate text fields in Ninja Forms using their out of the box calculation. add text fields after "submit"... that you can then map into an Insighlty field (such as Note Body)...

    a) create a hidden field on your form and note the ID of the field,

    b) create a Wordpress plugin (or other way of modifying you php web code).... upload your .php file into your /plugins directory of your web site implementation

    c) Edit the .php plugin file to have....

      Plugin Name: your stuff
      Plugin URI:
      Description: your stuff
      Author:  your stuff
      Author URI:
      Version: 1.0
      Text Domain:
      Domain Path: /lang/

    /****** PRE PROCESS after SUBMIT ******/
    add_action( 'ninja_forms_pre_process', 'insightly_fields_calculate' );
    function insightly_fields_calculate(){
      //Declare $ninja_forms_processing as a global variable.
      global $ninja_forms_processing;

      $ID1  = $ninja_forms_processing->get_field_value( 1 ); 
      $ID2  = $ninja_forms_processing->get_field_value( 2 );   

      $notebody =   $ID1  .   $ID2;

      $ninja_forms_processing->update_field_value( n , $notebody );  


    (note the above examples above get and update of field values - substitue your ID's and n as appropriate)

    Some reading that might help .....

    And if you are on a Wordpress site.....

    4) not sure why you would want to "map from a form to an email".

    The form submission is a form submnission.. not an email to you?

    But anyhow.... The ninja form can create an email on submission that you can send to yourself (Gmail or straight to your Insighlty inbox).... in addition to the Insighlty integration.

    And on the Ninja Form submission email settings you can set the "FROM" field to be the email addrress field on your form... so it will indeed look like it was emailed from the customer's email address.... send it it to your Insighlty Inbox email address and it should save/link to the existing contact (if the timing of the Contact being created is before when Ninja Forms sends the email - you would have to test it)

    Hope that helps some :)

    Will keep you updated of further extension developments and hope eveyone gets behind Stuart for doing the work and enhacing the extension.

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  • I could use a little help. I'm using Ninja forms now too and have almost everything set up. Basically, I want our web form to create a new LEAD and that's it. I have the LEAD being created with a name, phone number, email address. That all works great. But how do I get a textarea "message" to be attached to the lead? I'm fine with it going into the description or the creating a new note, but I would like it to be attached to the lead. Then we can decide whether to turn that lead into an opportunity or not. I have tried everything and cannot get the message to be attached to the lead. Any ideas? 

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  • @ Chuck Pearson - i suspect this great extension may do the trick...

    Create a custom field and then use this NF extension to map to it.

    Ninja Forms Insighlty extension (LB3 Computing Solutions, LLC):

    re: 2) Regarding NF vs Insighlty field types... The current NF Insighlty extension is unable to map to:

    This is due to issues with the Insighlty API (the new beta 2.2 is supposed to allow for this development, but the beta version is not yet working as it needs to - only returning up to 100 target fields for mapping).... the issue is not the Ninja Forms Extension itself.

    The extension author is super helpful and provides amazing support.
    I highly recommend this Ninja Forms Insighlty extension (LB3 Computing Solutions, LLC)!!


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  • Update - Ninja Forms Insighlty extension - i think the 100 fields issue will be solved with the next update... we're just waiting for v2.2 of the API to go live (not beta)

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  • Hi All,

    I'm the developer of the Ninja Forms extension to Insightly.  I've been helping Mia and Chuck through the Ninja Forms support portal and they've also pointed out some ideas for new features that I am planning to add soon.

     If you want to map to any of the new custom field types from Insightly, they will be rolled out after the new version of the Insightly's API is released.  In the meantime, here's a little snippet that can help.  Keep in mind that you'll have to replace the text and the actual field value with your own custom fields.  My example uses custom Contact fields, but you can use any of your custom fields from other modules as well.

    add_filter('nfinsightlycrm_filter_field_map_options', 'lb3nf_filter_field_maps',20,2);
    function lb3nf_filter_field_maps($field_map_options,$map){
          $my_field_map_options= array(
                "My Custom Field Name"=>"CONTACT_FIELD_XX",
                "My Other Custom Field Name"=>"CONTACT_FIELD_XX"
          $field_map_options = array_merge( $field_map_options, $my_field_map_options );
          return $field_map_options;
    This will add those new custom field types to your form menu so you can send data to it.  
    After v2.2 is released, I'll update the Ninja Forms extension to do this automatically so if you have the opportunity to wait, you'll see it appear automatically when it comes available.
    Hope that helps!
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  • I am just getting started with the Ninja Forms / Insightly integration. I have a form that includes contact, opportunity and task information. The contact is linked to the opportunity and the task, but the task and opportunity are not cross linked. Have I missed something out to get this to happen?

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  • Hi Peter,

    The Opportunity, Project, Note, and Task items all link to the Contact or Lead created but they do not cross link to each other.  I made a note about it and I'll see what it would take to add such a feature in the future but for right now, it can only be done with some custom coding.



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  • Not sure if anyone is still looking at this but I am having an issue I want to use the code that Stuart suggested but I want the custom field from Insightly we created one but It is not inserting the data????

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  • Hi Jeremie,

    The Comm Status will tell you why it isn't inserting the data.  One common reason for this is that the format of the incoming form data isn't appropriate for the Insightly field.  For example, the number of characters exceeds what is allowed in Insightly, or the form is trying to send text to a field that only allows numbers.

    Let me know how things progress.



    Stuart Sequeira (developer of the Wordpress to Insightly Ninja Forms extension)

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  • Hello,

    We have configured Ninja Forms within our setup but we are experiencing a few minor issues.

    1) We can't get a successful connection to IS via using Contact fields. Only successful via Leads etc..

    2) We need to create a note from the submitted form information. We have created a Note body field map in Ninja but what form field should we use? 


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  • Hi Jen,

    Since you are getting info into Leads, you've set up your connection to Insightly perfectly and it is just a matter of getting the required fields.  Usually it is a case of a missing first name, last name, or company.  If you are using version 3.0 or later, go to the setting page and in the Insightly Advanced Commands box, type in the word support and click the save options button.  There will appear the full raw communication from Insightly.  You can send that to me and I can guide you further.

    To send a note, you can map a Note Title and a Note Body.  Many form designers use a text area on their Ninja Form and map it to the Note Body.  For the title, you can either use a text field on your Ninja Form and map it to the Note Title, or you can type in a standard title like "Web Inquiry" and map that instead.  The choice is yours.  Either way, the note created in Insightly is automatically attached to your newly create Lead/Contact.

    Hope that helps.  Let me know, and if you need more help, feel free to open a support ticket at Ninja Forms and we'll be able to track your progress and document the steps taken as well.



    Stuart Sequeira


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  • Hello Stuart,

    Thank you for your reply.


    Please see our raw data at:

    I have linked our message text area box to Note Body but it's unsuccessful.

    Our Lead was also unsuccessful this time. Usually we only selected 'RoadShow' or 'Other' from the drop down field but the other results are causing issues?! Are spaces and other character allowed in drop down fields?

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  • I've pasted the error response for leads:

    Field 'LEAD_FIELD_2' is a Dropdown Field and accepts one of the following values: Conference / Meeting, Roadshow, Corporate Party / Function, Corporate Hospitality, Team Building, Mirror Booth, Other

    If you ensure that the values in your Ninja Forms drop down list are exactly as in Insightly, then I think the ' / ' in your fields can be causing the error.  I'll make a note of it and see if I can't write an update to make it possible to use slashes.  As an active license holder, you'll automatically be able to download and use.  In the meantime, if this is the case, can you try to reword your list to remove the slash and see how that works?

    I'll look deeper into the Notes issue and let you know what I find out.


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  • I looked through Insightly's documentation and I see that the ability to create a note isn't in their latest release (v2.2).  I've emailed Insightly directly to find out details.

    I do have a simple method to use the previous version (v2.1) but you'll need to be comfortable editing your functions.php file.  Let me know if that is an option for you.

    I'll also work on a simpler method for reverting to v2.1 that doesn't require editing that file.


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  • Dear Insightly Users,

    Could you tell me if Insightly can be integrated with Ninja Forms with the Free Insightly account or are there are any restrictions on it?

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  • Hey Dhaval,

    You can absolutely use the Ninja Forms integration with your free Insightly account.  The only restrictions are those placed on the free Insightly plan (you can see a detailed breakdown here) and the restrictions of whatever plan you're on with Ninja Forms. :)

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  • Hi. I am using the integration between Ninja Forms and Insightly to add new leads to Insightly. It's working great, EXCEPT, that the dropdown fields responses from Ninja Forms are not properly populating in the Insightly records. I appear to have matched up all the fields correctly, so very perplexed!

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  • Hi Rachel:

    The Ninja Forms integrations was developed by the Ninja Forms team so we don't have a view of how they handle the data being delivered into Insightly. We recommend reaching out to Ninja Form's Support Team to see why the information is not being delivered.


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  • I have my Ninja Account and I want to add Insightly  Add-ons  but somehow the install button is not there for insightly

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