Email Gadget giving way to sidebar?

Yesterday I noticed my email gadget was gone and since I already had a ticket open with Google re: the Insightly link in my email interface directing me to a 404 page, I decided to ask the Google tech about this also.  Oddly enough the gadget reappeared before Google replied to me, but in the response I got linked to this:

This is the part of that article that I found troubling:

"...The (Insightly) Sidebar will eventually replace the Gmail Gadget, so we recommend you install the extension for Chrome browsers."

I'd ask if this were true, but it's right there in black and white.

If the gadget is going away what are those of us who don't use Chrome as a browser supposed to do?  I used Chrome a few years ago and, as a web developer, it was a nightmare that caused any number of errors in coding/testing my websites.  I've never looked back since but have become quite comfortable using other browsers.  So why force me (and others) into changing browsers to support this?  I don't care if you want to implement new things for other users, but why remove my functionality?  Is it to force me into using another Google product?  Can you give me some kind of timeline on when this will happen?


Thanks in advance.



  • Looks like the gadget is gone.  I now get "Unable to retrieve spec for HTTP error 500" at the bottom of every email.

  • Hi @Mark, 

    The gadget has been temporarily disabled. We recommend using the Insightly Sidebar as an alternative until the gadget is functioning again.

    At this time there is not a specific timeline as to when the gadget will be retired completely, we are working with Google on that.


  • Thanks Lyla.  The point of this post is that the Sidebar only supports Chrome, correct?  We don't use Chrome, we use Firefox.


  • Mark,

    Thanks for at least getting a response.  I waited almost 2 months and never got an answer, you got one in 22 minutes.

  • Hi @Mike,

    Sorry there wasn't a response to your post, it wasn't intentional :) We do try to get to everyone in a timely fashion.

  • Hello:

    Good news, the  Gmail gadget is back up again :)

    @Mark, yes this post is about the extension only being available for Chrome. We do have a Firefox sidebar on our road map. We will let the community know once this becomes available however, there is not a specified timeline for this.

  • The good news does seem to extend to me.  I get the Insightly Gadget logo and text, but no functioning gadget.  Is the "back up" a universal thing or is it rolling out over time?

  • Mine does that from time to time too, it seems hit and miss and I suspect may be why they're working to discontinue the gadget (it's temperamental).

    When mine does this I log out and log back into Gmail and sometimes it helps.  If not follow these directions at the bottom:

    No idea why, but opening that URL seems to do the trick when nothing else will.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks Mike!  I have given it a try with no immediate result so now I will wait a while to see if it does anything.

  • @Mike - Thank you!

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