Best setup for repeating projects for multiple clients?

I am trying to figure out the best (least setup/work) combination of Organizations, Projects, Activity Sets/Events, and perhaps Pipelines to use to support my business.

I do the same set of 6 different meeting sessions for multiple clients/organizations. Let's call them sessions A-F. For each client/organization, the sessions are on unique dates, but the activities for a session type (A-F) before/after are all the same and are at fixed intervals from the session date (1 week before, 1 week after, etc.). Each session type (A-F)) does have different activities. I am trying to use activity sets, but am not sure how those are used with projects when the projects (sessions?) are always the same, but for multiple clients. I do not want to have to set up a new Activity Set for each client project/session - they are always the same for the same type of project - only the date is different. I want to 1) make sure the organization is set up 2) schedule the sessions (Projects?) A-F, or maybe just A-C, or A-D, etc., (with dates) for each Organization, 3) Have all the events populate automatically depending on type of session (A-F).

I also wonder if Pipelines fit, but I sometimes do a session (say session E) 3 times, then another session (F), then am done. But sometimes I might do 3 more session E, and then maybe another F, etc. So, parts of the "pipeline" can repeat so not sure a fit.

Would appreciate ideas on how best to structure to minimize effort to set up session schedules/related events.



  • Bump - any help from the team at Insightly would be great - I have a similar issue. Thanks!

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  • Hi Paul & Kristin:

    Insightly is very customizable and it would be difficult to provide exact options for what you need.

    I see that you both have paid plans- We do offer live webinars for customers in a paid plan (Just be sure you are logged in under the email address that is associated with your account.)

    Never Miss A Thing: Managing Your Projects and Deals in Insightly is probably the one you want to take a look at first.

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