Can we send from different email address


I need all of my staff to be able to send emails from "" or "" instead of our own email addresses.

Is that possible without creating a new user for each of those addresses?




  • Unfortunately, you can only use the email addresses registered on the Insightly account. You would need to create users with the desired email addresses and your staff would need to log in as those "users" to send an email.

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  • I am looking to add a team member. I am the account owner and set my account up with gmail. Can I set the new team member up with their email ending in my domain and have them use all the insightly functions? What will work different if they do not use a gmail login?

    They would use the email like:

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  • @Steve - Since you currently have an Insight Non-Google Apps account, you can absolutely add users with any email address domain you'd like. 

    The only time this would become a potential headache is if you are using an Insightly Google Apps account. 

    With a Non-Google Apps account they just login with their email address and password so you should be totally fine! :) 

    I hope this helps to clarify!

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  • Jessica, Thank you for the information. Could I change my account email to be as well or is that one need to stay @gmail since I created the account?

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  • @Steve - You absolutely can change your email! 

    There are a few steps you'll need to take: 

    1. Add a New User with the correct e-mail address. Note that this will charge you for the new User.
    2. Log into your original account, go to Billing & Account > Account > Change the account owner to the new email you added. Log out and log back into the new email account you added. 
    3. Delete the User with the incorrect e-mail address and reassign the open records to the new User.
    4. Lastly, be sure that you go to the Billing & Account > Billing Details page and adjust the number of Users on your subscription. Simply deleted the User in step 2 will not reduce your billing. Once you complete this step, your account will be credited automatically, and this credit will be applied on your next invoice date.

    Let me know if you have questions :) Thank you!

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