Assigning Events

It would be extremely helpful to be able to assign events to people. I schedule multiple estimator's appointments. While assigning tasks has been working so far (I use a paper calendar to keep track of who is where) it won't work as our company is growing.

If it were possible to assign events to specific people, and have them show up on my calendar accordingly, it would be very helpful. 




  • This is such a great suggestion. I hear users inquire about this one quite often. It definitely has my vote.

  • This has my vote!

  • An obvious in any CRM solution...

  • Please add this enhancement to the roadmap!

  • This is really important - I've an event that I'm inviting over 20 people to and having just setup all my contacts I now can't add them. 

    This is a regular occurrence for me and I assumed I could do that. Feeling frustrated :-(


  • +1

  • Critical for my business as well. 

  • Hey! For those of you following this post with the same issue, I finally found a solution that will work for me and thought it might be helpful to share with you. 

    If you create an event in your Insightly calendar but want to assign it to someone else, you can go to your linked google calendar and changed who's calendar you want it to appear on. This in turn changes who's responsible for it in Insightly and shows up on the appropriate calendar. 

    It's a bit of a round about way so the switch is a bit slow between google and Insightly but this is the best solution I have found. 

    Hope this helps someone! 

  • Thank you for sharing this Deck City!

  • Nice for those who sync with Google Deck City. Unfortunately, this work-around does not fly for Apple Calendar. So I am would like to add my vote and urge Insightly to add this option to invite others to events. A proper CRM needs a proper agenda functionality imho.

  • +1 for this - we were very surprised when we couldn't do this! 

  • Ive never used a CRM that did not have this functionality.  Needs to be added ASAP!

  • Yep.  Just came up today.  You would think they could take the same thing from tasks and apply it to events....

  • Come on guys - this is logical - it's a must .. any update ?

  • Hi everyone:

    This hasn't found it's place on our road map. As soon as we complete a our backend improvements and ideas we've collected from our Community that have already been planned, then we will be delving back into the Ideas & Suggestions to see what customers have indicated as important to them. 

  • Yes, we need to have this feature.  This just caused problems for us today on scheduling.

  • I've been waiting for this feature to be added for what seems like forever. The calendar function is completely useless for us without being able to assign events to different people within our business.

  • Agree with the other posters.   I have outsourced my sales leads to a third party.  I want them to be able to book sales appointments for me (put things on my calendar through Insightly).   This CRM is limited for me without that ability.  Was counting on Insightly to be the bridge.

  • +1

  • Additionally recommending events as independent from users. 

  • We have used Deck City's workaround in the past, but have run into issues where the event has "fallen off" of someone's calendar resulting in double-bookings of our entertainers. As a DJ service, we are selling "events." Not being able to assign them to other users is one thing holding us back from putting our entire team on Insightly. Until this feature is available, we are forced to use another platform to ensure that employees can see their events (we're currently using WhenIWork).

  • Yes, please, ASAP.  This directly impacts my ability to use Insightly.

  • Another Vote, Need This functionality ASAP

  • It's been almost 2 years since this was approached, and I still can't believe that this isn't a built-in feature of a CRM. We are currently pricing and reviewing alternatives - disappointing. I started using Insightly years ago, and was always so impressed by how much they were updating it and adding to it regularly, so I assumed that it would be a good investment of time to move all of my contacts into the program, but am now looking to have to move them all again. Very disappointing...

  • As the office manager, I set appointments for a team of sales consultants. That I can't put events on their calendar is RIDICULOUS. I have to put it on my own, then go into our synced google calendar, and copy the events to the appropriate calendar.

    Get real here people! I know I'm bombing these feature requests today, but soon, I'm going to have to determine if I need to look elsewhere for the features we need. 

  • +1 for this.  We are trying to use Insightly projects to manage our installations.  The service manager is the user who converts opps to projects and schedules everything.  However, each installation event needs to assigned to the individual tech.  And the capability to reassign events since things often change.

  • Again, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The entire point of having a CRM system is to make life easier. We simply do not use events in Insightly because of the double work required. And again, at $X amount per USER, using Insightly is EXPENSIVE for teams. As expensive as it is, it should make working with teams EASIER.

  • I am really surprised this cannot be done. It is now 2 years and the votes keep coming in. Insightly - please add to your roadmap and update the community as to what the status is. This is very much needed. Thank you

  • +1

  • Every now and then, I get a notification that yet another person has +1'd this feature request that I've been begging for since soon after implementation. Tasks can be assigned, but don't have times associated with them, so that's not an answer. Events -- I can only assign them to myself? RIDICULOUS. Such a blatant oversight and glaring omission in a CRM that also wants to serve as a project management system. 

    I have devised a work-around only because of the significant time I have invested into setting up the CRM for our use, but if I had known day 1 that I would still be having to work around something like this, I wouldn't be using Insightly today. Every time I am asked to review the app, I bring up this issue. 

    Seriously -- FIX THIS AND FIX IT NOW. 

    I'm dating other CRM's. 

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