Assigning Events

It would be extremely helpful to be able to assign events to people. I schedule multiple estimator's appointments. While assigning tasks has been working so far (I use a paper calendar to keep track of who is where) it won't work as our company is growing.

If it were possible to assign events to specific people, and have them show up on my calendar accordingly, it would be very helpful. 




  • @Stacy - Would you mind sharing your workaround? 

  • Yes, please.

  • 3 years and still not even on the roadmap? I agree, this is ridiculous that it hasn't been fixed by now.  You can assign just about anything else to other users, but not events?  We'd use tasks but they don't have specific times.

    This (among other frustrations at the lack of ability to fix basic flaws like this) has been a big factor in our team souring on Insightly-we will be looking for other platforms as soon as our contract ends.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for all the upvoting and great feedback regarding this feature request!

    Unfortunately, it is not currently in our roadmap. If Insightly decides to incorporate this feature well be sure to communicate this and update the status of the post.


  • This is a very essential function for our business.

    I feel foolish because I pushed our company to use the Insightly calendar rather than our email calendar, and now I realize you can't add events to other users calendars.

    Please consider including this function in the near term!

  • Can we at least get an explanation for why this isn't on the roadmap? 

  • Our next quarterly release is jam-packed with goodies and this one simply didn't make it. I will talk to our Product team to see if this request can be considered in Q4. 

  • I appreciate your response, Dennis. I'm new to Insightly. So the next quarterly release is Q3, and it hasn't come out at this point? Are releases done at the end of the quarter, then?

  • It all depends on the size of the release. This year, our Q1 release was in March and our Q2 release followed shortly after in April. This release will be bigger than those two so it's taking a little bit more time. But as a general rule of thumb, end of the quarter would be a safe bet. (Our Q3 falls between August - October)

    We typically make an announcement a few weeks ahead of every release and invite all our customers to join a live webinar with our CEO. So stay tuned for that!

  • Dennis B. - I really appreciate the information and the quick response. 

  • This is a very basic function. I'm boggled as to why we wouldn't have this fixed yet.

  • Happy New Year, folks!

    I just got a nice surprise from our Product and Engineering teams and I am very excited to share with everyone here that this feature has been implemented in Insightly!

    We know this has been one of the most sought out features so we're extremely happy to deliver this to you and cross it off our list 😅

    Thank you for all your requests and votes. We can't wait for you to try it out and give us your feedback!

  • Thank you for inccluding this feature into Insightly.

    Could you please provide instructions on how to assign an event to other users?

    I have have managed changing the owner, but as an event can involve severar colleagues, I need instructions on how to invite / include more than just one person.

  • Hello Vegard,

    Yes, thanks for the great feedback. When you go to the Activity page of a Contact and select Add Activity > Add a New Event. You will receive a pop-up window with the option to select an owner as shown below:

  • Thanks for the instructions. This feature is however not exactly what I asked for, so allow me to me explain:

    I want to assign an event to all my colleagues, or a select group of colleagues. In many cases, we will be 2-3 people present at an event, and I want that event to appear in the calendar for all my colleagues. How can I achieve this. 

  • I agree that it would be great to add multiple people to an event, right now we have to manually add it to each person's calendar.

    The other "flaw" that I see is the inability to edit an event owned by another person unless you are an admin. We have team members that schedule other team members, and may need to do edits to those events, but once it's assigned to a new "owner", they can no longer do this. As well, it would be helpful to be able to assign the event, similar to a task, instead of changing the ownership. This way you would know who scheduled you for something.

  • The way Add link works with other entities (Opertunities, Projects) where you can search a contact and add it. Is it possible to add such a feature to Events?

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