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I would love to see a few other integrations. 

I see using Zapier you can do some of this, but would be cool if it could be done without having to pay for another third party service.

WooCommerce > Insightly = Create tasks from sales and contacts from new customers, tasks could begin an activity set to handle the delivery process.


Insightly > WooCommerce = Update task as complete and effect the WooCommerce process stage from pending to processed, completed etc.


It would also be cool to have the same kind of quickbooks integration for services like Xero, though again this can be done currently I believe via Zapier. 


Thanks, I really like the service and happy to pop in with ideas as I have them. 



  • Thanks for the feedback, David! You might be interested in signing up for our Xero integration beta. See  here. :)

    Regarding WooCommerce - Xero came about in large part because of customer feedback so we'll be anxious to see how customers vote and comment here.

    Also, if you have a developer there's the option of using our API to build whatever integrations you want to other systems.

    Here's some resources for you to get started:

    Our API developers page includes the specifications you will need to set up your interface.

    The Getting Started with the Insightly Web API page addresses common authentication questions and directs you to debugging tools and libraries.

    Our API expert is also on hand to answer to any questions under our community topic Insightly API.



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  • :) Thanks I will but with another organization where I can put this to good use. I am looking to help a few clients with Insightly and there is one client who would be ideal to try this with so I will use their account next week and have a look. I obviously need to learn to use the search tool better! :)

    Did I read you can tie webhooks in? That is one way I could make WooCommerce work with Insightly without too much trouble. For me WooCommerce is more desired than Xero though my client base there is a mixture. 



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  • Hi David. I added a bit to my comment above. :)

    Also, I found this is on the Zapier site, Insightly and Webhooks by Zapier and here is our own FAQ, Popular Connections to Insightly from Zapier. If you need more info and I can pull in an Insightly team member to address your questions. We're here to help!

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  • Yeah I looked at the Zapier solution though unsure with their limitations on number of tasks per month etc, it is certainly one way to do it but was also wondering if I could literally tie my web hooks from WooCommerce directly into Insightly but I think I actually have an idea for that and just need a use scenario to test it on which I should have in the next few weeks with a company using WooCommerce. I will explore all avenues and come back with my findings. Zapier is definitely one way but if I can reduce 1 service/account/cost in the ecosystem then I will try and do so. 

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  • I personally think CRM and e-store must me in sync, we need to see in insightly the orders coming from woo commerce so we can track customer activity. As WooCommerce takes such an important market share these days, I hope a feature of direct integration will find its way to insightly roadmap. 

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