Windows 10 Universal App for Desktop/Tablet/Phone

With the launch of Windows 10 (and very nice it is too) it would be nice to have a native insightly app for the Windows platform. You only need to make 1 univeral app, that will run on Windows 10 desktop/tablets and Windows 10 mobile. No need to make sererate apps now, a single app can run on all Windows platforms now.



  • Great Suggestion!

    That is not currently planned. That is not to say it will never happen. :)

  • Any update on this? I am surprised that the insightly plug-in is not working on the Windows 10 mail app. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and everything in the desktop mail app looks identical to the web-app (OWA) except for the fact there is no plug-ins. 

  • @Brian - We don't have any plan in the works for creating a Window Mobile app. Currently we only support iOS and Android. 

    Windows Mobile users can use the Insightly mobile site, however at

    Thank you for your feedback on this!

  • Hi. As m.insightly will not supported yet, have you planned a wp app?

  • Hi Roberto:

    Sorry to tell you, a Windows App is not a planned  addition to Insightly's tools. This is based upon the number of  iOS and Android users. The number of Windows App users does not warrant a need for Windows App.

  • Any update here? Considering windows 10 2in1 laptops for our team.

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