Do I need to make a new Insightly Account in order to integrate Google Apps?

HI There,
I'm finally ready to take the plunge into CRM and after much research my company has decided that insightly is the best fit for us!

*Ive already created an insightly acc and imported contacts

*We are using google but have not signed up for google apps (GA)

*Can I sign up for google apps now and integrate all of the conectivity between the Google & Insightly platforms with my pre-exisiting account? (and if not, can I or an insightly customer success person delete my account so I can make a new one with the google apps account I'm signing up for?)



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  • Hi there,

    Once you've created an account that is not integrated with Google Apps, there is no way to go back and integrate. This is due to Google's permission and security protocols.

    But have no fear! The only feature that you won't have access to is the Insightly Gmail Gadget, which has recently been replaced with our new Insightly Side Bar. The Side Bar can be used by any Gmail users, regardless of whether or not Insightly is tied into a Google Apps account or not. We'll also be getting rid of the Gmail Gadget in the near future, so you won't be missing out on anything! :)



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