Use for more than one business?

can a single Insightly account be used to manage contacts, etc. for 2 different businesses.




  • Hi Lacey,

    Yes, there is a workaround for managing two different businesses in Insightly. However, it is not recommended. 

    If you must use the workaround please follow the steps below, and watch this How To Video for more information about the workaround.

    1.Create a custom drop down field labeled Business Manager/Owner: Business A; Business B.

    2.Filter Contacts by the custom drop down field you just made. 


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  •  Just wanted to share a caution, Lacey. When it comes to business operations, I would strongly suggest keeping your businesses separate. I hate to play "worst case scenarios," but let's pretend someone sued your business. If you businesses are connected in any way, it could put the other in jeopardy. Let's hope that never happens, but I believe in better safe than sorry. :) Good luck!


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  • Thanks, Micah! And thanks for adding your thoughts, melissa. I know you help move companies on to Insightly so I imagine you encounter this question quite often. Always good to hear how others are managing their best practices!

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