Community Spotlight: @hscarbrough

Welcome to Community Spotlight. Each month we’ll introduce an Insightly customer who has contributed to our community by sharing their knowledge with others. If you come across one of these individuals be sure to say hello and give them a shout-out! We hope they inspire you to share your Insightly story too.

Meet Heath, better known as @hscarbrough in our community. Heath is the Office Coordinator for Rock & Dirt and NextTruck in Crossville, Tennessee where all 35 employees regularly use Insightly.

Read on for Heath’s business tip and to find out the best place to eat if you’re ever in Crossville, Tennessee on a Friday night.


Insightly: .What Insightly feature do you use most often? How do you use it for your business?

Heath: The feature we use most is Organization notes. We have many employees that will work with and assist our current advertisers and by using the notes field properly, it only takes seconds to be updated on the latest information for that customer.  


Insightly: Can you share one tip for other business owners

Heath: The best tip I can give here is for time saving/time management. We have thousands of customers who we speak to or interact with monthly. Our sales team strives to provide excellent customer service to existing customers while generating new sales leads. This is the main reason Insightly is so valuable to us. The combination of notes, to keep up to date with current customers, and tasks, to schedule their time accordingly, allows the sales team to maximize their time during the day


Insightly: If you had one extra hour in the day, what would you do with it?

Heath: Spend it with family and friends. I have a 7 year old son, so I really need another hour in the day just to keep up with him!

[Editor’s Note: That’s Heath’s 7-year-old son in the picture with him above]


Insightly: How has Insightly helped your business?

Heath: Previously we had 2 CRM's that each company worked from and that were not monitored as closely as we would have liked. Being able to combine these into one Insightly account and "clean" the data, has helped us tremendously.  


Insightly: What book is on your nightstand?

Heath: I currently do not have one......any suggestions from the Insightly community would be appreciated!


Insightly: What's your favorite local restaurant?

Heath: My favorite local restaurant would be Forte's Restaurant. They have a great lunch menu, and if you are passing through on Friday or Saturday night, stop in for their great dinner menu. I would recommend the "Ode to Philly Ribeye". It is very good!


Thanks for sharing, Heath! If you have a question (or book recommendation) for Heath, please leave it in the comments below. Thanks!




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