Task based on forecast close date

We would like to have a function that would add a task in the calendar based on the forecast close date. So if we change the forecast close date, the task would automatically change.



  • Hi Geneviève!

    Thank you for making this suggestion. I see how this can be beneficial for other users and encourage our Community to vote for this as well. :)


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  • Hi there,

    This is very critical and required feature we are looking for.

    Currently, we are trying to generate pipeline reports based on the Forecast Close Date.

    Very often, Sales team forgets to update the Forecast Close Date and date is getting passed without any action from Sales Team. This makes the operation team to send multiple remainders to the Sales Team before generating the reports for correct numbers

    If we can able to generate a task automatically & assign to the responsible user when the Forecast Close Date hits less than "n" days then the responsible user will to look into it.



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