Business Card Scanner for Blackberry?

Since 3 out of 4 in our team have Blackberrys it would be nice to have an app that works with our phones too. 



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  • <rant>

    Blackberry is absolutely the premium handheld device.  It is usually not owned by vocal fan-boys, rather Blackberry users generally have a bit more disposable income - and they start businesses, quietly, from a position of experience and with high likelihood of success. They also have absolute need for security and discretion.

    As a developer and as a Sr. Director of a global software company, I know that the cost to develop a version for Blackberry (or Windows) would be in the thousands.  It is simple and fast and can be done by any reasonably talented developer (have a look on if you're THAT strapped for cash).  Imagine, of the 30 million BlackBerry users (that you don't want as clients) you would invest less than $.001 per potential client to develop a very simple app.

    CEO, time to sit with your Marketing folks and ask some tough questions (and if your I.T. department says it costs too much - use - then get a new Director of I.T.

    Here is a short list (celebrities only) of folks you DON'T WANT USING YOUR PRODUCT:  

    alicia keys, andy murray, barack obama, ben affleck, bethenny frankel, bradley cooper, brandon davis, brett ratner, britney spears, cameron diaz, cara santana, chloe sevigny, christina aguilera, cynthia nixon, david beckham, david gandy, diego armando maradona, drake, elisabetta canalis, elizabeth berkley, ellen pompeo, famke janssen, francesca eastwood, freida pinto, gerard butler, giselle bundchen, jared leto, joanna krupa, kelly rowland, khloe kardashian, kim kardashian, kris jenner, kristin chenoweth, lamar odom, lana del rey, leonardo di caprio, lewis hamilton, lil jon, lily cole, lindsay lohan, maria sharapova, michael douglas, michelle trachtenberg, mickey rourke, milos raonic, naya rivera, nick cannon, nicky hilton, nico rosberg, olivia munn, owen wilson, paris hilton, paulina rubio, rachel bilson, rihanna, robin antin, sarah jessica parker, sean p. diddy combs, sean stewart, serena williams, sienna miller, stacy keibler, taylor kinney, tim allen, tobey maguire, 

    Why would your business plan include TURNING AWAY 30 million potential users simply because they prefer not to follow the herd?  Simply because they prefer to be secure?  Simply because they are experienced business people with high expectations of success?


  • Rant support --- falling in line behind James even though he left me off the list --- oh, wait, I'm not a celebrity --- but I *am* a faithful, long-time BB user who is also managing our use of Insightly with my company. I look forward to the day that I can use the mobile app as my team does. Thanks, James. Go, Insightly.

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