Feature Request: adding a new linkedIn contact easily

When I have a new contact on LinkedIn, I would like adding it easily in my insightly contacts without filling in fields one by one.

Suggestion: by copying the linkedIn URL of my contact in a specific insightly field, the contact is added automatically with the information. Something like that.



  • I just took a look at trying to do an external integration (Zapier, PodBox, IFTTT etc). But it seems that nobody has created an integration for Linkedin...

    Good suggestion...

  • This is a great suggestion, Sylvain! 

    Thank you for taking the time to add this! 

    As a workaround in the meantime, you can add a custom field for the LinkedIn URL and import the information in. 

    We have an article and a video on custom fields with more information.

    - Jessica M. 

    Insightly Support

  • Thank you for your answer but it not solve the problem because even if I create custom filed I need to copy/paste the linkedIn profile information one by one, field  by field and it is take sometime.

    The point is grabbing the all linkedIn contact information by one action only. Eg: copy/paste the linkedIn contact URL in a special field and having a button "insert the contact".

    Do you understand what I mean?

    - Sylvain

  • @Sylvain- I definitely understand. :)

  • Pipeline Deals offer something exactly like this through a Chrome extension: 

    We've been wanting to switch (which is why i'm over here checking out insightly) but we just can't seem to find anyone else who offers this. There are a bunch of other things that insightly does so much better, but PD's simple LinkedIn hack has saved us hours of time. 
    Have you guys seen this with any other CRM tools? 


  • @Anastasia- Unfortunately, we don't have any other available links for social media at this time.

    Thanks you for sharing PipelineDeals with us!

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! I just had a conversation with a new connection on LinkedIn - he wants to do business with me in January. Yay! But it's on LI which means I will never remember! Ugh - if only I could link to the conversation and import that contact into my insightly - like I can from a gmail contact. If only....


  • YES!!! PLEASE?! This would make life so so much easier! Thank you!! 

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