Vcard import for contacts

The support of the vcard format to import single contacts would be great.

In addition, it would also allow for a quick import of pictures of individual contacts. And Apple users would love it as there would be no need to transform exported contacts from the Apple address book to the CSV format!



  • Hi Marcus! I totally understand the need for adding that type of contact format in either mobile app or our Web App. 

    While we don't have the ability to do this currently, this is something we're hoping add for the future. 

    Great suggestion!

  • I second this. Please do add this feature. Not having it is a really big hassle.

  • I second this. Please do add this feature. Not having it is a really big hassle.

    Or, as an alternative, you could refine the syncing with gmail.  Currently, the only option is to sync from Insightly to gmail, but not the other direction. You wouldn't want it to do that automatically since most of us probably have a ton of contacts in gmail that we wouldn't want included in Insightly. However, if you could only sync new contacts or have a checkbox where you indicate that you want a contact sent to Insightly, that would also be a good alternative (since it is easy to add vcards automatically to google contacts). 

  • If you can export to a vcard, why would you not be able to import from a vcard? 

  • Agree

  • Yes Please!!!


  • Come on guys!!  Seriously, CRM dictates it!

  • 100% agree!!

    I noticed that this was requested over 18 months ago, back in 2015 and a solution hasn't been found yet? Is it actively being worked on? Date when we can expect it to be completed?!!!!!

    Insightly is really poor on keeping users up to date with what they are working on. It seems like a standard response to any question (ie. great idea.....) .

    These small things are crucial for a CRM and productivity for most customers that use the industry standard of Microsoft/Outlook. Now I am trying to maintain two databases and it is too time consuming!!


  • Agreed on this.


  • yes !

  • Add my vote! I love vCards.  

  • Me too!

  • Hi all, great news! You can now import contacts from your phone's address book into Insightly with the Mobile Apps! You can learn more here. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

  • I just tried this and it is very cumbersome if you have a lot of contacts.  You have to scroll through thousands of contacts in order to find the one you want to add.  Am I missing something? Is there a search function that I don't see?  

    Personally, I almost never use the app. I use Insightly on my laptop and I would prefer if there were a way to import Vcards from there.  Thanks.

  • Please add VCard functionality. We have many Apple Mac users, and the process of having to somehow export Vcards and re-format into a readable Csv file is very cumbersome, and most average users are not able to do so quickly and intuitively.

    It would help to be able to forward a VCard into the Insightly mailbox. At the moment Insight does not seem to recognize or do anything with the vCard.

    you have my vote!


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  • Yes please. Still hoping vcard import/export can be an option in web edition of Insightly! Pretty, pretty please?

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