How to make a contact list in insightly (to make sales calls from)?

Is it possible to make a list in insightly of contacts that you want to call?  Not individual tasks within each contact, but something listing contacts you chose to add to the list. For the purpose of going down the list on a given day and checking off the contacts you have called.

This would be useful for salespeople using insightly, any tips you can provide will be helpful.



  • I use multiple tags to handle this:

    .t (dot-mark to make it pop up first in the tag list) for contacts I should call today

    .r for calls I can do at an arbitrary time

    If I should follow up a specific week I create a tag with year and week number e.g. .w545 = 2015 week 45

    Or a month in the future .m12, = call in December

    For some Contacts I also use a "interval tag" and a filtering function. The tag 2m means I should call this person every second month.When I make the call, I update the Description field of the Contact. With dedicated filter "update = older than 60 days AND tag = 2m" I get a list of all every second months contacts who are due to call. I select the ones I feel should be called and bulk edit a .t. I use 1,2, 3, 6 and 12m as intervals. 

    By using tag lists rather than todo I avoid getting those long list of overdue tasks of not important matters.


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  • Hi Brian!

    You can add a Tag to each Contact to follow up with and filter just that particular Tag.

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  • @Ola - Thank you so much for this! Very helpful!

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