Unsightly Product Roadmap

Hi there,

Is there any place we can know about the Insightly Product Roadmap?

What are feature release are in pipeline in current quarter or next quarter?

This information is needed for any decision making & for our planning.


For features like Opportunity-Product, Is there any plan in the roadmap?

For Custom Fileds,

Is field type like Formula or Dependency Picklist  planned for?

When are they planned?








  • Hi Robert, thank you for your questions!

    We do have a product blog that discusses the new releases that are on the horizon. You can view that here.

    Often our community is also a great resource for upcoming product releases. 

    While I haven't heard specifically about the features you're looking for, it's helpful that you let us know what you're interested in. We pull our feature additions directly from suggestions from our users. 

    Thank you!

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  • Hi Jessica,


    Currently our request is related to the Product & Services catalog.

    Earlier read in one of the post that planned release date is Q4 2015.

    Is this planned release date still holds good?




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  • @Robert - We always try to stay within our projected goal dates, but things can arise to change those dates. I can't give 100% yes or no on this but I can say that we work hard to meet our goal dates. 

    Have a great day!

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  • Thanks Jessica.

    Please keep us posted as this feature is critical for us.

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  • @Robert - We do have a great blog that posts our upcoming product release info. You can view it here.

    Have a great weekend!

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