Mobile app - where are my custom fields?

Hi -

We set some custom fields and they are not coming up in the mobile app.  We need it to be able to sort.

When we enter a new contact for example, we need to be able to add the field that they are someone we should send a particular letter to each quarter and need to have that entered as the check box we can sort.

Please help!




  • Hi Amy!

    Thanks for commenting on our Community. I have moved your post to Product Feedback- Mobile since its not a Partner Integration inquiry. :)

    The Custom Fields will be available for you to access when adding a New Contact. You will see these options under Background.

    I hope this helps!

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  • Hi Amy! I wanted to add two things to Nora's comment:

    1. At the moment, functionality to create "new" custom fields in the mobile app does not exist but this is something the team wants to do and will be working to implement.

    2. Because the mobile API is limited, not all of the custom fields created in the Web App carry over to mobile.  We hope to improve upon this as the API gets better.  

    Lastly, the team agrees with you on needing "sort" capability for mobile and will be working on that functionality too!

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  • I can only view one custom field in the Project Page of the Mobile App.....Can you let me know if that is all I can expect or have I done something wrong?

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  • Hi Frank,

    I see that Jessica replied to you in this post.

    Let us know if you need anything else!

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  • Amy, wanted to let you know that the latest release (version 3.10) of our iOS and Android apps now support all new custom field types.

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