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How do I include the Organization and/or contact when I select Opportunities to view the list?




  • Hi Pedro, thank you for your question! 

    There isn't a way to add organizations or contacts to the list view of your filtered opportunities. 


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  • So how do you make a call list out of your best opportunities. The Opportunities show a way to link a contact.


    So you can't get your contacts and your opportunities together? So you need to lists to email and make calls, one of your opportunities and the other of you contacts ?

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  • @brianmellea - You could use a system of tags or custom fields to organize your opportunities and then you can use filters to filter your opportunities by those tags or custom fields. 

    More information on Tags: We have a Knowledge Base article that explains tags in detail - Using Tags

    To create a Tag please follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the desired record (Either an individual Contact, Organization, etc)
    2. Once you have the record open click on Manage Tags. (This will be to right-hand side of the record title)
    3. Enter the name of the Tag. *Please note that hitting the space bar will activate a Tag. Therefore if you have a multiple word Tag such as "North West Customer" you can submit the tag as "NorthWestCustomer" or "North_West_Customer"
    4. Hit the space bar on your keyboard to activate the Tag and click Save

    To change or delete a tag:
    - All tags are listed in the right hand sidebar. Select the tag you want to rename or delete. That will display the first page of customers who have that particular tag.

    - Click on the ALL button above the record list to display all the pages of customers who have that tag.
    - Click on the checkbox above the record list to select all the records.
    - When you do that you will see options in the upper right corner to rename or delete the tag.
    - Click on the link to rename or delete the tags.

    If you want to change the capitalization of the tag, please note that the system looks for changes in the text string itself and does not recognize case changes. To get around that, you can add a number at the end of the tag, then change it again (e.g., name > name1 > Name).

    More information on Custom Fields: If you find that you need to keep track of information that is specific to your business, and is not included in Insightly's default fields, any admin on your account can create Custom Fields to meet those needs.

    Here are a few articles & a video for you to review:

    Once you've filtered your records, you can select the ones you'd like to use (or select all of the filtered results) and you can export just that subset of information by clicking More and then Export. 

    This will give you a spreadsheet of those records which you can use for making calls. 

    While this export won't include the links specifically between opportunities and contacts, you will at least have a system of categorization. 

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  • "There isn't a way to add organizations or contacts to the list view of your filtered opportunities. "


    this is definitely missing

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