Adds a File Attachment to a Lead API

Hi there,

Below is the reference for add a File Attachment to a Lead API :


While attaching a file to lead object there is provision only to provide  file name and lead id parameter.  There is no provision to provide the path from where the file is to be uploaded.

Can you please explain how to upload a file attachment via Rest API?







  • Hi Vandana - Thank you for your question! 

    I'm going to move this over to our API thread so it can be seen by the right folks!

    Thank you!

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  • what happened with this? 

    Can files not be added to insightly via the API?

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  • Files can be POST'ed to the API using a multipart body.  This is true of everything that supports a FileAttachment (Comments, Tasks, etc).  Our documentation could definitely be better for these POSTs.

     To upload the file, send it as mutlipart along with the normal restful parameters when POST'ing the file attachment.

    Hope this helps.



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