• Hello Pharm, thank you so much for your question!

    Currently, there isn't a way to change the default item visibility for tasks. 

    I do understand the usefulness of this and appreciate you taking the time to suggest this.

    Thank you!

  • For Privacy, Can you please use our username, not my personal name above?

    There is a way to set Default Item Visibility on the web, but it does not seem to change in the mobile settings. This is a restricting Global Policy Setting for a collaboration platform by insightly - how can we escalate this to change the default to public?

  • @Pharm - Can do! 

    Posting your requests here are a good way for them to be seen, but I can't give you an estimate as to when a feature like this will be implemented. 

    The idea behind this design is that most people create tasks for themselves first and foremost. 

    And while Default Item Visibility is an available category to modify under our System Settings, it does not allow for changing tasks. 

    Thank you for posting!

  • I hear you and appreciate the response, but in our case, managers create most the tasks and thus it would be best for them to be public.

    I'm surprised that on the browsers, the default task setting is public, but not on mobile. Anyways, please do let us know how to update that when possible.

  • Our Private / Public states for Tasks are all over the place - despite the fact that Default Item Visibility is "Creator Only". There is no way to know what will be Private or what will be Public (except for the app, which we happen to rarely use right now).

    I have a better idea: Why not make this Private/Public setting for all items/each class of items a requirement of initial setup, as well as making it customizable after setup, based on different criteria. Making EVERYTHING Public OR Private, by default, for every customer of seems ill-conceived, at best. Isn't the point to be useful to each individual customer? 

  • @Daryl - Thank you for your feedback on this. I can definitely see why that type of permission scheme would be useful. We are hoping to improve our permissions scheme in the future to be more robust and flexible for all users. 

  • So I hate to resurrect an old topic.  But we are having the exact opposite problem.  All of our tasks in the app are going as public.  If they do remember to change them then the entire team doesn't see them (which is what we want).  I checked the settings through the website and the default is Private.  So why is the IPAD/IPhone/Android App defaulting to Public?



  • Hi Drew:

    Will take a look at this and be in touch. Thanks for sharing your details!

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