How do we add custom Project Status?

See link:

We would like to edit the Project Status and color so that it's meaningful for our operation. For example, Deferred is not used, but we would like to create the status "Hold for Cycle".

Basically, how to we create custom project status, like we create custom categories? Thanks for your help.  




  • Hello Pharm,

    It's not possible to customize that particular set of statuses. 

    Thank you for your feedback!

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  • We would like this too.  We doing use Abandoned for Projects or Opportunities and would like to use "On-Going" instead.  Will insightly be allowing customization of this anytime soon?  Thanks.

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  • Hi Jodi,

    Thank you for posting to our Community!

    This isn't currently on our roadmap. However, you can submit a feature request for this to our Ideas & Suggestions here.

    I hope that helps!

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  • I also would love to see this feature.

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  • Hello Corey & Everyone,

    Thanks for the comments!

    If you would like to see this feature implemented within Insightly in a future update I recommend you post your feature request to our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams. Your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea, too. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for your patience. 

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