Deleting multiple files

It would be great to be able to delete multiple Files (e.g. tiny JPG images from email footers) and just leave the relevant attachments such as PDFs.

Every time we send a quote to a customer the email appears on Insightly with any logos/footers showing in the body of the email and also at the end of the email.  Deleting these little image files one at a time does not seem to affect how the original email appears on Insightly, but it is not feasible to do this every time.

None of the files seem to be linked to any Opportunity generated from that email, but they are linked to any Contact's record which can make them appear very bloated:

The ability to have, say, checkboxes to enable multiple deletes of these tiny files for instance would be a great enhancement.




  • Hello Natalie, thank you so much for your post!

    I totally understand how that can be tedious. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion!

  • I have seen a similar post before. It is a great suggestion. 

  • @Erin - Thank you for the feedback!

  • I concur - multiple file delete would be awesome

  • Great suggestion - I am spending my Friday afternoon deleting files. Check box idea is great..

  • Please give us a way to delete multiple files and emails with out having to open them up individually...

  • Don't forget to also add your vote on the original post if you haven't added it already :)

  • Multiple file delete would be is an absolutely necessity.

    Account access for certain users is unusable.

    It fills up our quota unnecessarily.




    Today at 11:34

    This has now been made worse because we're now prompted with the "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" prompt every time we attempt to delete these small files. (Once in awhile I've seen the ability to tell Insightly not to display this message any more, but I don't get that option all the time.) I've just looked at one project for which there are 1,642 attached files and I'll bet 50%-ish of them are these silly email signature graphics.

    I'm beginning to lose patience with this issue. There have been requests for this feature throughout 2015 and as recently as June 2016 and while there have been lots of empathetic responses from Insightly team members ("great idea!," "understand your frustration") and it's great to know that postings in this forum are being read, there has been no concrete response about plans to deal with it.

    It seems that these posts are all asking for this to be resolved:

    Perhaps this request should be higher on your to-do list than it is?

    Show us some love Insightly team!

  • I agree with all of the above .... is there a plan for this function to be implemented anytime soon ?

  • Hello, 

    I agree with everything said above as well. 

    I have an issue with every time a user sends an email with an attachment everyone who is cc'd in the email gets a copy and it's stored on their profile. We have 4 people/users with over a thousand files in their contact profiles. Is there a way or why wouldn't I be able to go in and find my own contact and delete every file? Should be simple. It would take me days to individually delete a 1,000 files. 

    Is there a way to turn the option off to save attachments/files in Insightly? We use a separate database for all attachments/files that we receive.

    Thank you - Bobby 

  • Absolutely agree. I don't understand why nothing has yet been done. I'm fed up with deleting image files and having to click 'yes' every time I do so. There's been lots of posts about this for more than a year, but nothing has changed. Why?

    I would also like to be able to tick off multiple tasks at a time whilst in a project's task list. At the moment, it seems I can only tick off multiple tasks as complete in the home Tasks list. However, I find it more helpful to tick off more than one task at a time whilst in the project. If I do click really quickly, I can get 3 ticked off at once. But I'd like to be able to select multiple tasks for completion rather than wait for Insightly to process my completions each time.

  • Ditto. I agree. This has been a problem and is a huge waste of time.


  • up.

  • When will this issue of bulk-deleting logos from the 'files' record be addressed?

  • agree with post and all comments, can we get the feature release soon ?

  • This needs to happen asap.

  • There have been comments on this for 18 months, but still no action from Insightly. The only commentary is 'thank you for you feedback'. It's time wasting and boring to have to constantly click, click, click when multiple tick box for deletions would be so much easier. Surely it can't be that hard to implement? Get a move on Insightly before you get poor reviews and start losing customers.

  • I agree that the way Insightly currently saves these files is ridiculous. We use the template feature to send 4 standard attachments to each lead. I don't think Insightly needs to save these same 4 files every single email. They aren't unique and take up a lot of storage space. Can there be an option to prompt which files if any should be saved for the emails?

  • Fully agree with the above, there is an urgent need to select files to be deleted at once!

  • This is a problem for us too. Is NOBODY from Insightly Interested in this??

  • I agree. I have files in my projects they were likely accidentally saved. Would like to get rid of them.

  • STILL no acknowledgement of people's frustration from Insightly. It is very clear that this is a problem but how about this: If they had a decent file storage limit, it wouldn't be an issue. For $5 per person per month, we get all of Google G Suite and 30 GB of storage for EACH PERSON. With Insightly, for $12 per person per month, we get 1GB TOTAL. This is simply not enough.

    Please, please listen to your customers, Insightly.

  • Thanks jbutler - great suggestion re the storage, too.

  • It would be a huge help and timesaver to be able to bulk delete files. It took me a very long time to delete files to free up space. 

  • 3 Years down the line when first raised and still nothing has been done - it's not that difficult to add the ability select multiple files - having to delete a hundred or so twitter and linkedin logo's from files so that we can find relevant pdf's is a big problem -  and now having an "are you sure you want to delete box as well" has made it doubly bad - Can someone at Insightly at the very least explain why this cannot be done?

  • Chiming in to add my voice to the chorus. I'm currently deleting a million little logos/icons so I can effectively find the actual FILES relevant to a client/organization/project. 

    The Organization I'm working on now has 6 pages of "junk" attached to it. It's about to make me stop using the email integration which was a huge factor in choosing Insightly.

    I'm starting to think I'd be better off adding all files manually. :/

    Having said all that, as always, THANKS INSIGHTLY for everything else. Love your product!

  • Yes, file deletion is even more tedious in the new version. Please, Insightly team, make a feature available to do file deletion efficiently. Thanks a lot.   

  • This should be a simple programming issue to solve. I'm starting to think that the only reason that there isn't mass deleting is that you have to upgrade to the next package from Insightly or you cannot save any more emails. My company could not use the software any longer and had to upgrade due to the number of files we had (90% of them we didn't need to have in Insightly). It's the same pricing and fee docs sent to thousands of clients or documents we save to our server and are not needed in Insightly. I love the software and would have to change, but they are forcing me to. Nobody from Insightly has given a good reason why this can't be done and for almost 2 years have been saying its coming (or something like that). When?????? Why??????

  • agree with bobby: insightly wants us to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

    we have a file stored for each little logo sent in our signature, ridiculous!

    same with the records : very hard to delete useless records, so we reach the limit and are forced to upgrade.

    the next plan is 3 times more expensive, we cannot upgrade!

    The problem is that customers will leave.

    it's a pitty because otherwise the product is good...

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