Deleting multiple files

It would be great to be able to delete multiple Files (e.g. tiny JPG images from email footers) and just leave the relevant attachments such as PDFs.

Every time we send a quote to a customer the email appears on Insightly with any logos/footers showing in the body of the email and also at the end of the email.  Deleting these little image files one at a time does not seem to affect how the original email appears on Insightly, but it is not feasible to do this every time.

None of the files seem to be linked to any Opportunity generated from that email, but they are linked to any Contact's record which can make them appear very bloated:

The ability to have, say, checkboxes to enable multiple deletes of these tiny files for instance would be a great enhancement.




  • Agree with all these comments over the past 3 years.  It's a very frustrating issue and Insightly ignores it -- thanks us for our suggestion and does nothing. The amount of "junk" that gets saved to the files is overwhelming, especially when the Sales team likes to have multiple signature logo links.


  • Have just sent a message as below to link to this forum to insightly support - lets see what that does! - feel free to keep doing it!

    The forum link here explains the situation perfectly - it has dragged on for 3 years and is being ignored - it's becoming a nightmare and is making it unmanageable - kindly read the comments -

  • Hi Folks!

    We understand that this is a very frustrating issue for many of you and I'm sorry that we still don't have a solution for you at this time. We are keeping an eye on this thread along with other posts that are similar to this. Sending this to Insightly Support won't help fast track this request. 

    The best way for our Product and Engineering teams to notice and prioritize feature requests is to vote, so please continue upvoting this request! This goes for all feature request in Ideas & Suggestions.

  • What's up with the voting on things that should be a feature in the first place? Is this American Idol? C'mon! I've never seen a software company that votes on fixes. LOL. How many votes does this have to get anyway?? How are we supposed to know if we need more votes to beat something else? Is there a vote meter? People have much better things to do with their time... this is (you know what)! 

  • Go Bobby. You've hit the nail on the head - why do we have to vote. I'm meeting with other CRM providers this week and next to look at alternatives. After 3 years with Insightly, it's becoming too painful to have to micro-manage all its idiosyncrasies.

  • We are also looking at other solutions.

    I have been involved with these threads for 3 years also now. We have had to change the way we store our customer info - We now save proposals into Google Drive because we have filled up our quota in Insightly. 

    It is clear that Insightly don't care about this. They won't even tell us if the "feature request" is even on the radar. Though it is equally clear to the people affected that this issue is a deficiency. There have been additions of very simple, nice to have functionality over the last three years whilst this does not even get looked at.

    So, Insightly.

    • ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE US SENSIBLE (SAY 10GB MIN) DATA LIMITS INSTEAD OF 1GB? Remember, for about $5 a month, each Google user gets 30 GB.

    Please have the courage to be honest. Then we all know what to do.

  • We overcame the problem of email signatures and logos being saved as 'files' by selecting the option not to save files from emails in user settings - Email Mailbox Settings. However, this means we have to manually save real files (documents) to the Insightly opportunity or project manually.

  • In response to Dennis B. of Insightly who posted on 15May2018 at 14:50...

    We have been voting this up for years. The following is what I posted on 24Feb2017 to a different thread asking for this same fix. This is data from the system you're suggesting we use.

    "I appreciate Insightly putting this voting system in place and regularly monitoring it, I really do, but I think along with that comes some obligation to follow the process or at least to candidly communicate with those of us providing input (and paying for the product) as to why a requested feature isn't going to be implemented. And I know it's not as simple as the items with the highest votes get done; that there are resource considerations, sales considerations, road maps to follow, etc. I get all that. Let me share some data from the database.

    1) There are six different postings in the database (links in one of my earlier posts) all asking for essentially this feature. These six posts have 49 votes and 64 comments combined. The number of votes for this feature is higher than that for all but ten other requests.

    2) Of the ten requests that received a higher number of votes, all but one is planned or completed.

    3) At least 90 requests with a lower number of votes have been completed and at least 26 with fewer votes are planned.

    4) Items with as few as one vote have been implemented.

    5) This request goes back almost two years to May 2015.

    So, in light of this data can someone at Insightly honestly tell those of us requesting this feature why it isn't at least planned? No fluff. Why isn't this feature being pursued?

    Thank you.


  • David, you are absolutely correct! 

    I understand that this request dates back to May 2015. That was around the same time we launched this very Insightly Community and opened Ideas & Suggestions for everyone. Since then we've received over 3000+ feature requests. There are some requests from that time (including this one) that we just haven't gotten to. 

    Some requests just take a lot of time to develop than others. For instance, the Dashboard feature we released Q1 of this year took over a year to develop. There have been other requests with fewer votes that we have been able to deliver because the effort was minimal on those requests.

    As a general rule, our Product and Engineering teams look at all the ideas and suggestions based on alignment with our product strategy and roadmap, Community votes, the number of customers to benefit, and cost and time to develop it.

    We hope to deliver on this feature and we will update everyone in here if anything changes.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for your feature request and feedback!

    I understand a lot of votes and comments have gone into this thread. I wanted to communicate that we currently do have a main post on this subject with lots of activity and comments as well which is the main thread.

    You can find the post here.

    I suggest adding your comment and vote there this way the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for your time and patience! 

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for all the great feedback and votes in regards to this feature request. If you can all please provide your feedback and votes to the main thread for this request that will be great. The main post can be found here

    Thanks everyone for your time and patience. Happy Holidays!

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