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I'm developing some integration with your service and looking for some way to identify some API key owner's data (name or login email for example). Is there any way to do that? It could be useful for the user to understand which login was used for connecting to some system.
Thank you in advance.


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    We'll be adding an endpoint to support exactly this in version 2.2. This endpoint will return the name, email and userid associated with the current login.


    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

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  • Thank you for prompt response. Is there any estimation when API v2.2 will be released to beta or prod? Related post is not really informative.

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  • We are working to get this into beta as soon as possible. Hopefully this week, although we just had a big data center migration that has people distracted at the moment. Watch that's where the new version will go live. 

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