Custom Filters: List of contacts with no notes in (eg) last month

I've been asked to find a way to extract and review contacts with no notes in a period of time.  This would enable our team to see which contacts we haven't heard from in a while and, if necessary follow this up.
I know there are already preset filters for "All contacts with no notes in last 7 days/last month" but this returns hundreds of contacts including cold leads:

I've tried adding a Custom drop down field for each record for Customer Type using a simple loyalty ladder of:


But can't seem to find a way to break this down into manageable data to track those contacts we are interested in.

I've also tried tagging them according to the same principle for Customer Type but still can't find a way of identifying those with no notes over a set period:

If anyone has found a way around this, it would be good to know how you have done this.

If not, it would be a great Mod in Insighty to help track, for example, regular customers who have not been in contact for a while.




  • Hi Natalie, thanks for adding this to the community! There really isn't a way to segment a specific subset by Notes.

    I think it would be great if you joined us in Beta Testing our Advanced reporting tool. If you're interested in giving us a hand please register from this post.


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  • I would love this feature. I see the standard contact filters of "Contacts with no notes in last 7 days" and "Contacts with no notes in last month". 

    I want to see the ability to customize this so that I can say I want to see "Contacts with no notes in last 90 days AND add another filter"

    I see no way to do this within advanced reporting. I can see notes that were created longer than 90 days ago and their associated contacts, however this report also includes many contacts with old notes and new notes. 

    This is similar functionality to this thread. Either one would work for me but at a minimum I need to be able to see who I have no notes for in the past x number of days.

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  • Sorry to say, this has not found a place on our road map. We do appreciate the additional feedback and will take this under consideration when planning for future improvements.

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  • This is something that I've been looking for as well.

    The ability to see "some segment of contacts" where there has been "no notes" for a period of time.

    Can Last Update be used as an equivalent for "no notes"?


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