Filter with tagging

We use tags to categorize opportunities.

Is there a way to display all open opportunities for a given tag?

If I filter only the open opportunities and then click on a tag, the tag list displays all opportunities and vice versa. Is there a way on the fly (without creating a custom filter) to create a logical AND filter using tags?

We have 50 tags so creating a custom filter is not ideal.





  • Hi Ken,

    Here are a few ways you can workaround this issue:

    1. If you do not need to export, bulk edit, or add other fields to this search function, then I would recommend using the Opportunities By Organization Report. There you can filter Open Opportunities by Tag. 

    2. Use the Easy Insight 3rd party reporting application to build a custom report that pulls only Open Opportunities and create a filter for the Tags column that will be able to filter Tags on the fly.

    3. Export ALL your Open Opportunities and use a spreadsheet function to filter the Tags column.

    Note: Insightly is coming out with a new custom reporting solution that may be able to address your issue. 

    Hope this helps!


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  • Thanks Micah.

    While reports and custom filters are doable, they are time consuming and interrupt the natural and rapid flow of moving through records. I was hoping for a way to simply combine filter functions. Once open opportunities are selected (or any filter applied), it seems like it would be so easy to expand the query by clicking on a tag to further drill down on the results set. I have 50 specialty tags and 6 location tags that could be combined so setting up hundreds of custom filters or reports isn't feasible.

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  • Thank you Micah!

    Ken, you may also want to try our advanced reporting features, we are open to beta testing now. You can check out this post and register if you're interested.

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  • Hi everyone, 

    Advanced reporting is now available for all users, I hope you enjoy the new features :)

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