Feature Request: Search by Tag

I would like to be able to search and filter by Tag in the Mobile App.




  • Hi Bruce, thank you for your suggestion!

    This is a feature we're hoping to implement in the future. Thank you for letting us know!

  • I am incredibly surprised that this feature is not available. With tagging being such a big part of Insightly contact management, not being able to search through hundreds if not thousands of contacts by using a tag seems like a huge flaw.

    After testing many many different contact management applications, Insightly is so close to being the chosen option, but without being able to search by tag it's almost of no use for me.

  • @Baran - Thank you for your feedback! 

    We know that a feature like this is valuable to our users and it is something we're hoping to have, we just don't have it presently. We are constantly working to improve our mobile apps and appreciate you letting us know what you would find helpful. 

    Thank you!

  • Just wanting to add my support for this feature. Like Baran, I am so very surprised that it is not available.

  • @Nick - Thank you for letting us know!

  • Please offer in mobile

  • I am shocked you don't offer search by tag. Such a very rudimentary, basic feature. Without it, the app is borderline worthless to me. It also isn't letting me see files attached from Google drive. Why?

  • Hi Tracy:

    Files linked from a third party site such as Google Drive are not accessible through the mobile app because the mobile app only has access to data that is stored directly in Insightly.

    Thank you for sharing your support for a Tag search option!

  • Hi everyone, 

    Happy to report that we've just released version 3.17 of our mobile app which supports all filter functionality - including the ability to filter by tag. Read about this and other improvements in our recent announcement.

    Don't forget to update to this latest version (3.17) so you can take advantage of these features.

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