Ability to Add Recent Google Contacts To Insightly Is Unpredictable & Erratic

Using Google Chrome on iMac: Cache & history is cleared from the beginning of time.

Sometimes, I can find the contacts on the gmail contact import list, sometimes I can't, even after waiting overnight. Why won't the recently added Gmail contacts show consistently in Insightly?. It is logical that the behavior is so intermittent.

Same result with other browsers. 




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  • Hello Stephen, thank you for posting!

    Sorry, you are having problems with that. As a work-around, we suggest you manually export your Google contacts, then manually import them into Insightly. It's very easy and this way you have the most control over your data.

    To export your Google Contacts, select all your contacts (or a sub-group), then select the Export option from the MORE menu dropdown. Confirm the contact population and the file format type (Google CSV).

    Using that same file, you can import those records into Insightly.
    We have a number of helpful articles and a video about the import process. Our article Importing data into Insightly covers the basics, as does the Importing Data video at Insightly University.

    These sections for Import and Export have even more articles you can explore.

    If you would like to attend a live webinar that includes more about importing, you can also register for Getting Started with Contacts and Organizations.

    I hope that helps. If you have other questions, let us know.

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