Tasks endpoint returns 500 error

Hi Guys,

We are having a problem when we try to read (GET) Tasks endpoint for one of our customers. Any other endpoint seems to be working correctly. Could you have a look on the issue and let us know what's happening?

Here is a link to gist with response we get: 


Instance ID is 52813 (we get this error only there)





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    Thanks for posting this. Can you send me a copy of the server response (suggest using the Postman extension for Chrome to trouble shoot, as the client libraries generally do not display a full error message). I suspect what is going on is that customer has pasted illegal Unicode characters into one of their tasks. This will cause the JSON serializer to throw an exception (we use a built-in tool to do this so we can't modify it unfortunately). In the web UI, you won't get a 500 error, but will just see garbage characters.

    So try logging into that customer's account, and view tasks there. Look for black boxes or bold question marks. I'm pretty sure this is your culprit. 

    We are working on some techniques to prevent bad data from getting into the system (what happens is customers cut and paste from a source that has garbage data, and that gets into the database without throwing an error). This only seems to affect the API so it generally goes unnoticed.

    Hope this helps. Thanks,

    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

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  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the info.
    I used Postman to get anything more about the error, but response posted above is complete, nothing new appeared.
    As I can't access account of my customer, I'll ask him to have a look on the problem. However, I'm afraid that he has a plenty of tasks and there might be a problem to find the one that is causing the problem.


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