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Ive been testing insightly for a couple months.  I just can believe you cant print tasks.  You can print?  Makes no sense .   



  • Hi John,

    I always suggest that you first export your Task list and then print the tasks from Excel.

    You can also print an individual Task by using the small print icon in the upper right corner OR print Tasks from your browser by holding down the Ctrl and P keys on your keyboard.

    I hope that helps! :)

  • Taking screen shots and pasting into Word (then print) is another option.

    I do this when I'm on a road trip as the mobile app currently "spreads out" the info too much making poor use of the little available screen real estate: Sorry for this off-topic rant - it's a subject I'm passionate about.

  • This is a basic funtion of any CRM. Insightly has a few good features but I too want the ability to print a task list and other basic reports.  If you cannot support this directly-then I guess Insightly is not a good CRM for my needs.  I see that it has been requested by many forever but there seems to be no movement on implementation.  Is this the responsiveness your customers should expect. I was initially encouraged but now when you get into the nitty gritty its disappointing. 

  • Hi Bob:

    Sorry you feel this way. Updating Task functionality is on our radar. We are working on a major backend improvement that will allow us to address this and additional feature updates. We will be sure to keep you posted.

  • Is there a timetable? For me continuing with Insightly involves additional time and money. 

  • Hi Bob,

    We're anxious to start on Task improvements ourselves and we'll be able execute ideas and suggestions faster and have scalability once these backend improvements are in place. We are estimating it will take the team 2-3 months to fully complete and then resources will be freed to work towards features again. Hope this answers your question. Thank you.

  • As many others have noted on the forum, this seems like a really basic function missing from the Insightly platform, and I find it really discouraging that this post was made a year and a half ago, with no improvement made to this feature. The only way to get all of the information from a record is to export it to Excel, reformat the data into a readable report, and then print from there. This kind of work-around is frustrating to try to explain to my team members when they ask why they aren’t able to do something simple like print an Opportunity without requiring additional time and effort-- particularly when a CRM is supposed to make their lives easier, not more complicated.

    For others like me who are frustrated with Insightly for not addressing this problem, I did find a web browser tool bar extension that seems to work pretty well and lets us print the whole page: https://www.printfriendly.com/extensions/chrome. I'd still really like to see Insightly developers address this problem, though!

  • Hi, in a recent upgrade we got the ability to create task reports, but I'm finding it's really glitchy: tasks that I can SEE in the related tasks for a client do not show up in the report I'm trying to print. I have an example right now where the client has 11 active tasks and the report only shows 8. I've gone through to check to make sure the task visibility is public. 

    EDITED TO ADD: Solved it. We needed to open the task and put "0%" done to get it to show up in the undone tasks. That was rude!

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