Webhook feature is available? I saw your API document, but can not find.  A new contact has added in insightly, can I get the contact info in my webhook url?


Kannan T.N.




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    Hi Kannan,

    We do not support webhooks at this time, but we do plan to implement webhooks in the future (after we have migrated to a new database architecture internally).

    Thanks for using Insightly.

    Brian McConnell

  • Hi,

    I was just curious on the status of supporting webhooks?

    Thank you,

    Justin Lachovsky

  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the post. We are planning to support webhooks. I don't have a scheduled time for this as it is dependent on a major overhaul of our database architecture which is already underway. However, once that is done, we do plan to support webhooks.

    I suggest you follow the topic about our web API on the Q&A forum. We'll post news there when we have more information about the schedule.


    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

  • Seems like Insightly is becoming more and more limited.  I can't get leads into this system using anything we have.  This is disappointing. 

  • Hi Eric:

    As Brian mentioned we are working on major backend improvements that will allow us to address webhooks and additional feature updates. We appreciate you letting us know that this is important to you too.


  • Hi Brian, Layla

    Could you provide a URL to the web API topic on the Q&A forum, or point me in the right direction. 

    We're keen to make the move to Insightly — your pipeline and template email features are a big improvement over our current system.

    Webhooks are the only barrier at this stage. We need to be able to sync subscriber status with our mailing list software. 

    I look forward to following the topic and the development of this feature. 




  • Hi Andrew,

    There are two articles you can review:

    Version 2.2 of the Insightly API and Working with the Insightly Web Api may be helpful as well.

  • This is actually really important.  We need a webhook to capture UPDATES to a contact like a change in E-Mail address we can then push through Zapier over to ActiveCampaign.  Currently ZAPs are only triggered off NEW contacts not record updates and a webhook could be used to capture the change and update their corresponding active campaign record.


  • Another huge +1 for webhooks being made available when an entity changes.

  • Since the thread started a year ago, any updates from the Insightly Mothership on Webhooks?

  • Hello,

    We appreciate your interest in this feature and understand that it is important to you. Supporting webhooks is on our roadmap, but unfortunately I don't have an estimate regards to when it will be available. As always we will let the community know as we begin working towards it.


  • Thanks, Sushamna.

    Sadly, Insightly's opaque development process and sharing roadmap delivery dates continue to disappoint. Insightly, the product is fine enough with some very effective and flexible features, but customer communication and development responsiveness feel non-existent. Out of a 10, it feels much more like a 3 than a 5 and a far cry from a 10. In the Net Promoter Score world, this would be a clear indicator of an overall lack of user satisfaction and fewer Insightly champions among your customers.. 

    I get that it's senior management's policies - but checking back to see what magical new functionality is released occasionally "hey - surprise! Here's granular security this week, and what about advanced reporting back in Q1, and whoopsie, how's our cool new MailChimp integration, etc." all released without any external predictability and interspersed with "...we're working on the database so can't work on anything else" is just underwhelming and disappointing. Meanwhile, what should be core functionality (and not just webhooks) is *maybe* hidden somewhere in the "I can't tell you our big secret development plan." Yes, I'd bet everybody at Insightly is working like crazy, but externally, it continues to feel like low customer-focused effort and low, unpredictable feature output, which frankly isn't fair, in my view, to the staff hard at work on the PM's secret roadmap. :(

    I'll add that Insightly's $25M Series C funding round last April sounded like there could be some expanded product maturity/evolution, particularly with the stated mid-market target. But 6 months later, with more Marketing + PR output and what feels like less development continues eroding at least my user satisfaction and limits, a fairly flexible product, to increasing 3rd party workarounds or just plain no-can-do's. Sigh...

    OK - not to bum out your day, but if there's any internal queue for user feedback, please consider putting in my 2 cents. I've been working with Insightly for well over a year, and minimal external roadmap communication or even features under development continues to be the standard. Double sigh. I know you're all working hard, so thanks for that. Sure wish there was more product transparency, which is outside of your control, so consider me all ears to any future roadmap and/or feature communications.

  • Forrest, and others, I do feel your pain; we've encountered the same issue ourselves and have come up with a solution.

    It's bit of a hack, but my company's platform Cyclr can let you fake webhooks from Insightly. We're a cloud integration platform and our workflow builder will let you do this and automate many other things in Insightly. It's not really something we'd intended our users to do, and I don't recommend this as a long-term solution, but it might get you out of a hole.

    I made a video here:

    You can grab my demo here (less the custom fields used in the video):

    (You can play with our builder anoymously without an account).

    I'll happily extend a 50% founders discount to any Insightly users if you email, just quote this forum chat.

    If this isn't an appropriate post for the forum, I apologise. My intention isn't to sell Cyclr, just to offer a solution. 

    Kind regards,


  • Hello,

    As I said before, I would like to let you all know that webhooks feature is now available! You can add it as an action in Workflow Automation for any of the triggers you set up. Please refer to this post for more details.



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