Can I change the Record ID to my own number?


I have my own job code numbers assigned to each project, outside of insightly. Is there any way to change the Record ID numbers to a different number? 

Thanks, Stacy



  • Hi Stacy,

    The RecordID for any Insightly entity is a unique identifier that ties into the corresponding database record. Unfortunately there is no way to customize that. I would suggest you look into creating a custom field which will allow you to enter the custom Job Code for each of your projects. 

    Please refer to link below for help:

    Thank you for using insightly


  • Hi Patrick, are you still fielding questions on this subject? And also, is the API going to be offer access to the new objects such as Quotes?

  • Hi Mark, 

    Our next update to the API (3.1) will be released in the near future and will include endpoints for quotes

    Stay tuned!

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