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Hi all :)

I work in the wholesale team for a coffee roasting company based in London. We recently signed up for Insightly as the CRM of choice, we are a fairly small company in size with 6-8 people using the software.

Our aim with Insightly is to keep a nicely organised CRM for existing customers i.e Organisations, contacts, history, notes and activity.

However, we get quite a lot of enquiries every week - we would like to create a lead from each enquiry (which we are doing). If discussion progress, this is turned into an opportunity (where we track the stages through creating a pipeline). Again, if discussions turn into an account i.e. agree to buy coffee/machinery from us, we would like to turn this enquiry into a organisation. Alternatively, if discussions break down - we can simply close the opportunity and no record of contacts/organisations are in the Insightly system, keeping things clean and tidy.

At the moment, we are finding either through lead or opportunity creation that a contact and organisation is being automatically created. This is resulting in our database being full of potential unwanted contacts and organisations. How can we stop this from happening?

A similar scenario happens when linking an email to an organisation, automatic contacts/leads are created - at the moment I'm deleting all un-required links which is time consuming and quite annoying. Any help, suggestions or backing of this problem to be solved would be great.

Thank you all and wishing you all a Merry Christmas



  • Hi Lyla

    This has not been my practical experience. I accept that this is probably data entry operator error here. But if the match is not perfect then a new record is created. For example. The organization has an Inc. or Ltd in the title and this is not exactly what is entered in the lead. 

    What would really be useful is to use the mechanism that is employed when entering a New organisation a drop down appears with "Possible duplicates" then the field can be modified to match if necessary. 


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  • Hi Lyla and Tim

    I on behalf of my team, I have to agree with Tim. Duplication happens almost inevitably - this can be due to numerous users using the system entering different names but most of the time Insightly initiates this.

    It would make much more sense to create a lead/opportunity without automatic linking - if linking were required, surely manual entry would be more efficient in this case. If we wanted to then turn a lead/opportunity into a valued organisation we can set this up manually and link to the associated lead/opportunity instead of Insightly doing it for us and unfortunately getting it wrong.


    This is causing big issues for us

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  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment in our Community!

    1. When you convert a Lead to an Opportunity, you are correct that both a Contact and Organization record are created for that Lead as well. There is not a way to prevent this from happening at this time, but we appreciate the suggestion!

    Your other option is to change a Lead to a Contact. This will remove the Lead, replacing it with a Contact record. Neither an Opportunity or an Organization will be created.

    2. How are you linking the e-mail to the Organization? Are you forwarding it to your Insightly Mailbox Address or are you manually linking the records?

    If you are forwarding e-mails to your Insightly Mailbox Address, the system scans the message header for e-mail addresses and domains and then automatically links the e-mail to matching Contacts or Organizations. If Insightly does not find matching records, it will create those for you. There is not a way to prevent this from happening.

    Thanks again Ryan :) Happy Holidays

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  • This is a big problem for me too. I import scanned trade show leads. Many of these may be existing contacts. Should a lead be converted to an opportunity. then a new contact and organisation record is created. Which then has to be merged or deleted. Why can't you check the existing records and link or at least prompt before creating a duplicate. I've really stopped converting leads because of this inconvenience.  

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  • Hi Tim:

    When converting a Lead a new Contact and Organization is only created if there is no match to an existing record. If a match is found, only a link between records will be added.

    Hope this helps!



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  • Hi Tim & Ryan:

    Having a shared database can open a few doors to typos which then leads to duplicated records. 

    We do have some new duplicate detection features on the horizon. See our CEO Anthony's post here on what's in the works :)

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  • For me this is the biggest negative about Insightly, and could easily be solved by having the ability to disable it in settings.

    We have to keep cleaning up our contacts as our correspondence with customer contacts can include their accounts department, other suppliers etc. who we actively do not want adding as customer contacts.

    In fact I think this breaks the law in respect of the US Can-Spam and UK Electronic Communications Act as it causes us to inadvertently mail people without their permission.

    I think this is a bigger issue than Insightly realise. I know of two other postings on it.

    Please can we have an 'off' switch for this facility?

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  • Hi Neil,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. This is definitely something we are taking into account and hope to look into a merging option in the future.

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  • Hi all, I'm suffering from the same.  I'd like to be able to stop the auto creation of Organizations.  Most of my clients are private ones and are not representing an Organization.  As a result, I'm getting Organizations created that are irrelevant, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Me or many other email extensions.  I'd like the option to turn this feature on/off.   They're also being created in a format which means I have to enter each Organization and reword it so it makes sense.  For example 'OrganizationCo, YahooCo, GmailCo'.  This is a pain and time consuming to rectify when do want an Organization created. 

    I also agree with other comments about have a duplicate drop down box so I can easily add a contact to an organisation and not have it create another.  

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