/Contacts API: 201 Created is returned, but the created contact is empty (2.2)


I'm trying to use the 2.2 API to create a contact. Here's the request body:


And I get a 201 Created response with the body including the details of the created contact -- in which all fields (except the ID) are null. If I go to the Insightly UI I can see the empty contact, the first name is not present. In the UI I can create a contact just by their first name, so that should be the only required field. Any idea on what's wrong?




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    It might be failing due to the data validation rules being slightly different. Can you create a contact with the first and last name? If so let me know, and I'll file a bug on this. We have a separate code base for the API, so its possible there is a discrepancy in the data validation rules (though it should return a 400 error in this case). Let me know (and feel free to open a support ticket on this issue).


    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

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  • Thanks. I found out that the bug was in my code, I forgot to set the Content-Type header. (Also, while experimenting with the Postman extension I found that setting other content types would return a HTTP 400 with no error message.)

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