XERO / QBO Integrations: Invoice Line Item Description from Opportunity/Project Title

The XERO integration is a great feature... an idea for further enhancement.

Invoices are created against the Contact (as it's people, with names and addresses etc who pay them, not Opportunities or Projects - as these are not people).

However, the people are paying for some "won" business - in the form of an Opporunity (or in the form of a Project).

Hence - it would be fantastic to be able to:

- Create the Invoice from the Contact
- but during that be able to select one (eg. in a drop down field) of the existing already linked Opportunities or Projects - to say to what the invoice is billing the customer for.

- have the Opportunity or Project Title be copied into the Draft Invoice Line Item description field

- upon creation have the invoice automatically linked not only to the Contact against which it has been created, but also to the selected / nominated Opportunity or Project.

At present these are manual steps (copying the Opportunity title into the Invoice Line Item field (and relies on users getting this right and doing it in a consistent way), and then linking the invoice created against the contact to the Opp / Project to which it relates.

I imagine the same would be super helpful for QBO users as well.



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  • Hi,

    Thank you for all these great suggestions. We have added them to a list for evaluation and we will keep you posted on the improvements we implement. 

    We really appreciate you taking the time to write down some of your thoughts and for using Insightly!


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