German special characters

I am importing from contacts from a .csv-file generated via MS Outlook export function. I have a lot of German special characters, like "ä", "ö", etc. They all get corrupted when importing to insightly. In the csv-File the special characters are still displayed in a proper way. Only after importing the characters are corrputed:

For example, "Gröber" becomes: "Gr�ber", etc.

Is there a quick fix?

Thank a lot & regards,




  • Hi Damian:

    Insightly supports the import and export of the Unicode character set. If special characters are not being reproduced correctly, you may want to check that this is the character set being used in your spreadsheet program. Please note: Microsoft Excel does not support the Unicode character set so we don't recommend using Excel to import or export data if you need to preserve character formatting. 

    I hope this helps!

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    1. Open your products' CSV using Notepad.
    2. Click: File>Save As, below the file name expand the list of Encoding field and select UTF-8.
    3. Save the file and upload it to Insightly



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  • Thanks for helping out, Jörgen!

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  • Thanks Jörgen, for you tip!


    But: UTF-8 will "destroy" any umlaut:

    "Gröber" will become: "Gr�ber"

    So, any soulution in sight? (Supporing Western Eurpean encoding like "Windows1252" e.g.)?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi Heinrich,

    Thanks for providing us additional details regarding this. We don't currently have another workaround besides the ones offered above. I'll make sure to keep this post updated if that should change.

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  • Hi Heinrich!

    In case you haven't solved this issue yet: UTF-8 does not destroy umlauts. If it seems to do so, you are doing something wrong in the conversion process. 

    Note that changing the encoding of a file is not the same as reading it with a different encoding. One way of making sure that your file is in fact UTF-8 encoded is to open it with notepad++. It shows you in the bottom right hand corner, what the encoding of the file is:

    If it doesn't say UTF-8, you can go to Encoding -> Convert to UTF-8 and then save the file. Your umlauts should then be imported correctly.




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