Add Opportunity Notes to Custom Opp. Report

Hi there,

Can I add opportunity notes to a custom opportunity report? I don't see that as an optional "field" to add to reports and the standard opportunity report that includes notes isn't complete enough for my purpose (needed to add linked contact, assign person, etc so really needs to be custom).

Thank you!



  • Hi Lauren! 

    It's not possible to add that field to a custom opportunity report.

    We do have a separate report for notes specifically, however. 

    Although, I know running dual reports could be tedious. 

    We appreciate you letting us know that adding that type of field would be helpful!

  • Please add this functionality

  • I agree. Notes in opportunities are lost without being able to report them.

  • I agree too. Please add this functionality. Including notes in opportunity reports would be very very helpful!

  • Need to be able to add the latest notes to the opportunity report.

  • Any update on this?

  • Hello Oscar,

    At this time we do not have an update on this request. If a response is not given immediately not to worry our Engineering team still views request like these to take them into consideration. 

    Thanks for your comment!

  • This request has been open since December 2015. Almost 3 years. So please let me know what they've taken into consideration thus far?

    I have many notes from opportunities and i can't efficiently create a report connecting and showing notes from them.

  • Hi Oscar,

    Our Insightly Community was launched in 2015 and we started taking Ideas & Suggestions from the beginning. We have never put a  limit on the number of requests our community members can have. And that still holds true today.

    This is why you will find some feature requests that are 3 years old. 

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