TASKS: View to Group by related Opportunity / Contact / Project - Sort by earliest due date of task

Our tasks and often related to either a:

When looking at the tasks tab the sort order is by due date - but it's accross many different related Contacts / Opps /  Projects.... so all a bit jumbled up.

What is needed please is a "View" that is

"My Open tasks grouped by Related Item, sorted by earliest Due date") that allows:

Tasks Group by Contact / Opportunity / Project + with those groups sorted by the one *earliest / most overdue task* related to that Contact / Opportunity / Project.

ie. (dates in MM/DD/YYYY)

Task 1 (related to Opportunity 1) Due date 1/1/2015 --- Opportunity 1
Task 2 (related to Opportunity 1) Due date 5/1/2015 --- Opportunity 1

Task 1 (related to Contact A) Due date 1/2/2015 --- Contact A
Task 2 (related to Contact A) Due date 3/1/2015 --- Contact A

Task 1 (related to Project ABC) Due date 1/3/2015 -- Project ABC
Task 2 (related to Project ABC) Due date 2/1/2015 -- Project ABC

This would allow a view that is both - what needs to be done asap... while still grouping the all the tasks by the Contacts / Opp /  Project.




  • I agree that the Task List needs to be viewed in a way that's more meaningful to the user. Everyone has a different use case and I can see what "Raw Travel" needs here. 

    Tasks are presented to us in what looks like a due-date[&priority] order, but then entirely random, which makes it difficult to look for items or organise work flow.

    If there really is an "order" in which tasks are presented in the list, it would be helpful to know what that is.

    Preferably, users should be able to apply their own user-defined view like a hierarchical sort order you might see in an Excel spread sheet. Defining these views should be (for the user) as simple as creating a filter, as already exists in Insightly Contacts.

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  • Came to the help section to see if this was possible, but not surprised to find others looking for this too. 

    I have the same issue. Lots of tasks with varying states of urgency and due dates, but it's just one big ugly list. Saw another app that had the ability to view open tasks sorted by date and grouped by project and thought - I should do that in Insightly!

    This is a must-add feature in the future! 

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  • I 4th this.

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