App vs. Web view for Projects

I created about 15 custom fields for insightly projects, which display fine online. However, when other staff are viewing that project in their insightly app, the fields are displayed in a really wonky order. Below is the order in which some of the fields appear in the app. 

We want our insightly app fields to appear in the same order as they appear online. 



Contact First Name

Event Start Date

Menu Item 1

Company Name

Contact Last Name

Event Start Time

Menu Item 2



  • Hi Mia!

    Thank you so much for letting us know. 

    Are you using our iOS app or Android app? 

    Thank you!

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  • Using ios app on:

    iphone 5

    iphone 5s

    Is this a glitch in the app? Wondering what I should tell the team!

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  • @Mia - It's not a glitch, it's actually a design hiccup. We are going to be releasing a really great update to our mobile apps soon that should help with this as well as some other issues within the apps. 

    Our Android update is in Beta now and we're expecting the iOS version to be available after the holidays 

    Thank you for your patience and for letting us know!

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  • Support of custom fields has been released with our 3.10 version:

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