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An observation for Insightly Sidebar users:

1) When you edit a contact from within the sidebar, you can't view or edit the person's occupation.

2) Hovering over an email with your mouse pointer is not enough to kick the sidebar into searching your Insightly database. It only seems to look up the sender email address for the email that you just clicked on.

3) It would be nice to lose the Insightly Gmail Gadget when you've got sidebar installed. It takes up space unnecessarily.

4) Suggestion: when a contact IS on the database but with a different email address, it would be really handy to be able to click on 'add email to existing contact' or similar instead of going through multiple steps to edit and add the email address manually.

Otherwise - it's a really good addition to the Insightly workflow.




  • Thanks for all of the detailed information @Adam! 

    This is helpful for us to see where users would like to see some additional improvements. Happy to hear that you are enjoying the Sidebar tool :)

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  • Hi, 

    I would like to add a lead to Insightly directly from the Insightly Sidebar in Chrome Gmail. Is this possible?

    I would also like to be able to view leads in the sidebar. I see options for opportunities and projects, but not leads. Why is this? Thanks

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  • Hi Sarah! It is possible to add a lead directly from the Insightly Sidebar and to search for Leads from the Sidebar. You'll just need to first enable Leads from the web app. Go to:

    Profile menu > System Settings > Lead Management > Lead Management enabled.

    Let us know if you have any difficulties. And if you want to see more of the Sidebar in action take a look at this video in our Insightly Sidebar Overview FAQ.



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  • I'd like to echo what Adam said: hovering over an email name does not reliably bring up that contact's information in the Sidebar as advertised. From time to time it works, but most of the time, the Sidebar is completely unresponsive to hovering.

    Related to this: when I click on an email that was sent from me to one of my contacts, the Sidebar provides me with details on... me. Not very helpful; I'm already pretty familiar with my own contact information. It would be nice if, for mail I've sent, the Sidebar display would by default show information about the first recipient, rather than information about the sender (me).

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  • Thank you for adding more detail to this feedback @pfarmer!

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  • I was wondering if any further work had been done on pfarmer's comment. I also have the same issue. I cannot really determine at what point the correct email does come up but often I will hover over one email and the email from a previous contact will appear in the sidebar or more often than not nothing happens.

    It does seem to work better when you are in the inbox view i.e. you only see all your emails. As soon as I click into an email I rarely get the correct person in the sidebar showing.

    It is such a great tool when it works as expected.

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  • I would also like to include input on saving contacts in insightly sidebar.

    I often get emails referring clients to me.  While I have the email open, I'd like to create a contact for this new client.  I do not want to just save the info to the referring person, but actually create a new contact.  Right now the only way to do that, is open insightly in another window- it would be so much simpler to add it from  the sidebar.

    On the same type of issue, I get emails from my virtual receptionist about clients.  I want to save these emails to the client, not the receptionist, but again, I can't add a new contact since the receptionists info is already in the system.


    Please expand the add clients, leads, opportunity features in the sidebar, so we can always add someone new regardless of whether or not the email is in the system.

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