API: Opportunity State Transitions

Is it possible to access information through the API whereby I can determine the length of time between opportunity states?

This will help us analyse our sales pipeline.



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    Hi Justin,

    Unfortunately we do not provide a change log via the API, so it is not currently possible to pull this sort of history for an object. We are looking into adding support for webhooks in the future, which would allow you to do this kind of analysis, but realistically support for webhooks is some ways off. 

    A hackish way to do this would be to pull a list of your opportunities once a day and check the opportunity state for each, and if you note a change, record that in your own system. This would enable you to do the kind of analysis you are describing, although you'd need to write the change history in your own database. 

    Hope that helps. Thanks for using Insightly.

    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

  • Hello, has this been addressed further? Any updates to the API to access the history?

  • Hi Pieter & Justin,

    We have an internal ticket about adding State History to API v2.2 but the work has not been scheduled yet. In the mean time you can use v2.1 endpoint, an example call would be: GET https://api.insight.ly/v2.1/opportunities/123456789/StateHistory

    Best Regards,


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