Coming Soon : Version 2.2 of the web API

We are finishing up work on version 2.2 of the Insightly web API, which should be available for beta testing later this week (watch this thread for an announcement about details). The new version has been in the works for a while, and includes several major improvements that make the API faster and easier to use than ever.

Among the new features:

* Fast responses with paginated results - GET requests now return results in paginated recordsets (rather than sending potentially thousands of records in a single response). This results in significantly better performance.

* OData is replaced with a simplified search interface. With OData it was very difficult to do things like search for contacts by phone number. Now it's as a simple as GET

* Incremental updates. You can make incremental updates to an existing object (for example to add an address) without having to upload the entire object graph (which reduces the risk of data loss). 

* Web based sandbox for testing read/search operations. We're using the Swagger ( tool for interactive documentation and sandbox. Now you can test API calls directly within your browser.

* Support for most features found within the web app, such as following/unfollowing insightly objects. 

* SDKs/client libraries for most programming and scripting languages (generated via the Swagger tool, so they are always up to date with the API).

We'll post an announcement here when v2.2 is available for beta testing. We are looking for a few customers, preferably users who already making heavy use of the v2.1 API, to put v2.2 through its paces. If you'd like to be a beta tester, please submit a support ticket with the subject "v2.2 beta tester", and we'll let you know as soon as it is ready.

Thanks for using Insightly.

Brian McConnell

Insightly Engineering Team and Web API Product Manager



  • This is sounding great, Brian. Looking forward to getting started with it.

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  • Hey folks,

    Where can I get / who has a simple Excel (using VBA I guess) model that can:

    Call the GET APis for the main Insighlty objects (eg. Contact, Opportunity, Project, Organisation) and return the record and and its links....

    In the format of simple tables / rows / columns format (not XML or JSON / Arrays that are hard to work with)... y'know like a relational database!

    and then...

    Allow me to update the data in a Spreadsheet and use that to CREATE or UPDATE the corresponding records (by Record ID) back in Insighlty?

    Are there any examples people have I get a hold of to make a start.
    I imagine there are tons of people doing this?
    Maybe its not so hard.... am not a Java/VBA programmer.... but do have lots of programming experience in the past... so if I had a decent model / sample to start with I'm sure I could give it a go.

    If not Excel / VBA.... any sort of tools/method that nice returns normal tables that I can use SQL type reporting / manipulations tools on, and that reads back SQL type tables/records as the input for POST/UPDATE API's.

    To the Insighlty API team.... it looks like you have done loads of work on this, and the API's are quite extensive.

    It would be great if you guys released us some working examples - rather than just masses of technical documentation and a "go find yourself a developer" approach :)

    Thanks is advance.

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  • Hi Patrick & mia. Happy to report that version 2.2 is now in Beta. :) You can read the announcement here. Let us know what you think!

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