Per phase time tracking

Hey team! 

There does not seem to be a function to track time spent across opportunities in each phase, or to track the time spent per phase for each opportunity. I don't believe Insightly captures the date when the user moves an opportunity through the pipeline. This would be extremely helpful for analyzing which phases we need to speed up on and better predicting how long an opportunity will take to close. 

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  • Hi Gabrielle:

    There isn't a time tracking feature in Insightly but you can view the History tab in an Opportunity to view what date the pipeline stage was changed to the next one.

    There are a few time tracking integrations available that might also work for you :)


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  • You and Lyla are correct. Insightly does not capture the dates related to the phase of each Opportunity, nor tracking the time spent per phase for each Opportunity or across all Opportunities. I did look at the integration Insightly has for time tracking, and it looks like they only work for Projects and Tasks. Although, this could change in the future. 

    In the meantime, I suggest creating a spreadsheet, link the spreadsheet to all your Opportunities, and ask your team members to fill in the spreadsheet whenever they work on an Opportunity. Then once you have collected enough data, you can run your numbers and find out what needs to be changed.

    I suggest you use the following workflow:

    1. Turn on Record ID's in Insightly's System Settings (see below).

    2. Link the same online, shareable spreadsheet to all new and existing Opportunities using the Insightly integration for like OneDrive or Google Drive.

    3. Insert the Opportunity's Record ID under the right Opportunity Pipeline Name that matches with the Opportunity's Pipeline Type.

    4. Insert the date you started the stage in the "Stage X Start Date" column.

    5. Insert the hours you worked on the Opportunity using this formula (=1+2+3). For example, let's say you are the first person to do work on the stage and you worked for 30 minutes, you would insert (=.5) under Stage X Hours. Then the next person who works on that stage for let's say 2 hours would insert (=.5+2) and so on....

    6. When you are ready to crunch you numbers, please use the formulas provided in the sample spreadsheet.

    Note: In order to quickly find a current Opportunity in the spreadsheet, copy the Record ID in Insightly, open the spreadsheet, Ctrl+F, and paste the Record ID. 

    Let us know if you need any help setting this up :) 

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  • Community!

    We're looking for users to sign up for a study pertaining to Time Tracking. We would love to hear from you. If interested please click here. :)

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  • This missing feature is incredible. One of the most important metric working with Pipelines is the Pipeline speed; We should track how long takes an Opportunity in stage 1 to reach stage 2. until win that Opportunity. 

    The main idea is to know the rhythm of opportunities through the pipeline then we can push the effort if necessary in order to achieve the goals.  

    Companies could get many great statistics from a good time tracking feature in Insightly.

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