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Integration with new Google Inbox

Hi all,

Will Insightly soon release a sidebar for the new google apps for work inbox?


Thanks in advance,




  • I'd  love it if you had a side bar for INBOX!!!! I prefer inbox to regular gmail and would love to be able to integrate Inbox and Insightly!!!


  • I'm rather puzzled why Insightly has not done this already. Other competitors such as Prosperworks already has Inbox support, and it's pretty slick. Overall, I like Insightly so I am not about to change CRMs right now. Clearly, however, the CRM market is heating up in the G Suite integrated app space. I really hope Insightly is listening.

  • Just checking in here to give this post a little bump.  I love Google Inbox, but switching back and forth to gmail just for the Insightly sidebar is rather annoying.  



  • Might give Prosperworks a try. Inbox is the future of email and I'm interested in a responsive CRM 

  • Simon, I can vouch heavily for Prosperworks, I've already made the jump myself. Though it's a fair bit pricier and is still yet to fully satisfy my needs with a Xero integration (they're working on it) the depth that it will integrate with google's services already is second to none. Honestly, it's just better in nearly every way. Sorry insightly, but the lack of any official response here for over 2 years is one of the many reasons why I no longer support your product.

  • HI Simon and Jules, I'm sorry, but your conversation is off topic. If you want to extol the virtues of a competing product, please do it elsewhere.

  • As one who has followed this thread for almost as long as the two years since Stan has posted, I find Jules' and Simon's posts today useful and not at all off topic. If the only purpose of this tool provided by Insightly is to discuss or promote Insightly then they (Insightly) should step in and let us all know. Until then, thanks Jules and Simon. Coincidentally, I placed a reminder this morning to, unfortunately, not renew my Insightly this year unless Inbox becomes functional with the service before then. I'm very thankful to Insightly for their service, but I am also frustrated that the clearly superior tool that Inbox is over regular Gmail should have led to its integration by now with Insightly.

  • Thanks for your comment Stan but I was not extolling the virtues of a competing product, rather I was trying to elicit a comment from the Insightly team regarding Inbox integration. As they have failed to respond to polite questioning I thought they might react to a threat to their bottom line in the form of competition. I have been a fan of Insightly but Inbox is becoming important to me and to most of the people in this thread and the lack of integration is becoming more and more of an issue. Knowledge of a competing product that includes the integration is, in my opinion, highly topical.

  • Simon, Thanks for clarifying this. Understood and agreed. Inbox integration should be a priority. Given that the first query about this was made back in September 2015, I suspect many folks on this forum would appreciate a response from Insightly soon.

  • Hi everyone!

    We tracked Google's progress with Inbox throughout the years and it never showed much of a traction with user adoption that warranted us to work on this integration. And given the very recent news that Google will be shutting down their Inbox email app in March 2019, we will close this request for good. 

    We will continue support for Gmail. And of course, we appreciate everyone's requests, votes, and enthusiasm.

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