31 Days of Insightly Trivia Question for Wednesday, December 23rd

Happy Holidays!

Here is your “31 Days of Insightly” trivia question for Wednesday, December 23rd! Remember, your answer must be posted in the comments section directly beneath this question for it to be counted as an entry. Only one entry, per person, per trivia question, please. :) All entries need to be posted by 11:59 PM PST today.

We’ll announce the winners of today’s trivia question tomorrow at noon PST. All correct answers will count as an entry to win one of 3 grand prizes at the end of December!

Good luck!



Trivial question #4: What object was once considered for the Insightly logo before the heart was chosen?

a. The Earth
b. A Lightbulb
c. A Compass
d. An Orange
e. A Smiley face
f. Nothing else was considered


12/24 Update: You guys are good sleuths! :) The correct answer to the trivia question is:


b. A Lightbulb


We've noted everyone who answered the question correctly and have given you one entry towards winning one of 3 grand prizes at the end of December! 

We randomly picked 5 winners from the correct answers to win this week's prize of an Insightly Moleskine notebook. Congratulations to the following individuals. We'll contact you next week!


Matt Vickery

Keith Steiniger

Amy Elekonich

Jeremy Tabery


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